End of Year Review – 2021

2021 End of Year Review

This is our end-of-year review. Where did we go and what did we do in 2021? (The states we visited in 2021 are above this paragraph next to the date.) What amazing things did we see along the way? In 2021 we added eleven new states to our route map. Other than Louisana we spent …

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Storming Arizona

Storming Arizona

Storming Arizona describes both our stay in Arizona and how we left Arizona. We have never traveled so far so fast. Now it is warm. I was telling friends that we were going to slow down when it got warm. The last few days were in the 70s, and then it was more than 80. …

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Food Desert?

Food Desert?

Food Desert — As we travel we often encounter both outstanding food choices and food deserts. Tucson is not a food desert. In fact, our anniversary dinner uncovered a great downtown restaurant. Great downtown restaurants alone would not create a blog post. We have been to lots of great downtown restaurants. However, having the best …

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Biosphere 2 Experiment

Biosphere 2 experiment living quarters.

The Biosphere 2 experiment tried to replicate a proposed settlement on the moon, or on Mars. It didn’t work according to plan. But failed experiments are still results — just not desired results. Lots of people learned lots of things about life from the Biosphere 2 project and the experiments are still in progress. Now …

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Valley of the Sun

Sunset in the Valley of the Sun

Valley of the Sun, Valley of Fire, Death Valley, Yuma, notice a trend in our travels? All these places are hot, way too hot in the summer. Winter never really arrives in the Valley of the Sun and this is ideal for us and our RV travels. While every other state in the nation faces …

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Campsite Review: Picacho Peak Campground

Campsite Review: Picacho Peak Campground

Campsite Review: Picacho Peak Campground located just to the south of Interstate 10 about halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. It is a very nice campground. No water is available at the campground… I will be saying this again and again. At the campground, there are three loops with 87 well-spaced large sites with electricity. We …

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Like water on Mars

Like water on Mars

Like water on Mars water is rare. We are north of Yuma in a red desert just like Mars except there isn’t water like this on Mars. We have a nice lake behind the RV. Totally unexpected and so very interesting. Actually, there are lots of nice places north of Yuma and Lake Martinez is …

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Campsite Review: Escapees North Ranch Campground

Campsite Review: Escapees North Ranch Campground

Campsite Review: Escapees North Ranch Campground is northwest of Phonex and Wickenburg Arizona in Congress Arizona. The location is just to the east of State Route 89, south of Congress. We were traveling to Las Vegas, from Phoenix on State Route 93 and detoured slightly towards Congress Arizona to stay at Escapees North Ranch Escapees …

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Campsite Review Quartzsite Plomosa Road “Campground”

Campsite Review Quartzsite

Campsite Review Quartzsite Plomosa Road “Campground” is north of the town of Quartzsite and to the east of Highway 95. Hundreds of campsites are available on both sides of the road. Quartzsite is located on Interstate 10 west of Phoneix on the way to California. Exit I-10 north on Highway 95 then east on Plomosa …

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Campsite Review Ehrenberg Campground

Campsite Review: Ehrenberg "Campground"

Campsite Review Ehrenberg Campground is a small town on the Arizona side of the Colorado River on the border of California. The “campground” is on BLM land. It is very rustic. From Interstate 10, east of the Colorado River and Blythe California turn south on the exit for Juneau Avenue and at the “roundy-round” turn east …

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Great news

Skyline after sunset near Yuma

We are in Yuma and have some great news to share. Everything is fine and we are moving along in a seemingly random manner. There is a method but without knowing the reasons it may seem like we don’t have a plan. Since you may not know our great news yet you may think we …

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Why Quartzsite

Our Campsite (HDR enhanced) at Quartzsite

I’ll get right to the point, why is Quartzsite such an attraction? Well for us it is friends. Each day we meet new friends. Every day we have seen old friends. Even with all the distractions of the Big Tent and an even bigger swap meet outside.  Everything here is for sale. There are multiple …

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Boondocking at a Winery

Campsite Golden Rule Vineyards Willcox Arizona

We are boondocking at a winery. This is not a country road in Arizona, but rather a vineyard. Behind our camp for the night are the grapes. Behind that pistachio trees. I did not figure on finding wine in Arizona, but here we are, camping in a vineyard. We are southwest of Willcox at least …

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Fort Huachuca Snow

Campsite Sierra Vista Arizona snowing

Fort Huachuca isn’t known for snow. We can’t go any further south and stay in Arizona. Can’t really complain though. It is very pretty here at Fort Huachuca, pronounced Wa-Chu-ka. I don’t think we are getting an accurate representation of its typical beauty. Not much water nearby, so the kayaks are still on the car. …

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Campsite Review: Patagonia Campground

Campsite Review Patagonia Campground

Campsite Review: Patagonia Campground is located at Patagonia Lake State Park located about twenty miles northeast of Nogales Arizona. It is west of State Route 82 and east of Interstate 19. To get here when southbound on Interstate 19, exit on the West Mariposa Road exit eastbound, then turn south on Interstate 19B (business route). …

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Patagonia Lake State Park

Campsite Patagonia Lake State Park Arizona

Everything is great here at Patagonia Lake State Park located about 20 miles northeast of Nogales AZ. A little too cold for the kayaks. May see snow before the weekend is over. As you can see, our site is quite unlevel we have about 8 inches of blocks under the front wheels. This would have …

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Campsite Review: Agave Gulch Campground

Campsite Review Agave Gulch Campground

Campsite Review: Agave Gulch Campground is a military-only campground located on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson Arizona. It is a very nice campground / RV park. At the campground, there are six separate sections with 197 well-spaced large sites with full hookups. There are also 57 overflow – dry camping sites. Some of the …

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Tucson and the Sonoran Desert

Tucson and the Sonoran Desert

Tucson is in the Sonoran Desert. It has been a relaxing visit to Tucson. Nice weather this time of year. Lots more green than the Mojave Desert. The Sonoran Desert has the Saguaro cactus (pronounced suh-war-oh) and lots of other vegetation, all with sharp parts. They don’t need signs telling people not to touch. Saguaro …

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Navajo National Monument

View, Navajo National Monument, Tseig Arizona

We departed Wahweap on March 29 heading to the Navajo National Monument.  Our route and target destination was Cortez Colorado (made it) with a stop at the Navajo National Monument.  It is a risky move to plan on camping at Navajo National Monument. The campground is small, tight and free. If a person knows about …

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Lake Powell

Lake Powell Page Arizona

Lake Powell is wonderful, even in early April. Navajo Reservation We lost cell phone service 20 miles west of Page, Arizona. (Thank you ATT) and didn’t get it back until we got to Colorado. At Page, I stopped at a Walmart to get some advice from locals. It seems that Verizon is the only carrier …

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas night photo

Vegas — Baby Traveling to Las Vegas along the Colorado River was just what we needed. We just arrived in Vegas after spending the week in Laughlin/Bullhead City. Not much to see there. The big view was the casinos in Laughlin. It was very windy — most of the time. We did go to Oatman …

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