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Going Back to California

From Yuma to Phoenix and now going back to California

We are now going back to California. We stopped at the General Patton Museum near Indio and are now camping on March Air Force Base in Riverside.

Yuma & Gila Bend

At Yuma, where we had a great time looking through telescopes and relaxing in the good weather (when the wind wasn’t blowing too hard) we drove to Gila Bend for two nights. Our campsite had a feature that we have never seen before. It was the only campsite we have ever been to that has reverse osmosis water for drinking at each campsite.  It would be hard to make enough reverse osmosis water to fill our fresh water tank, but I did use lots of it, not for drinking, but rather to wash the car and RV a little. Reverse Osmosis water is great for washing the outside of the RV, in direct sunlight, without leaving any water-spots.

While there I also took the yellow out of our plastic headlight covers. This required lots of rubbing and my elbow still hurts a little from all the rubbing.

Going Back to California 4


From Gila Bend, we went to an RV park (resort) in Buckeye, west of Phoenix and parked directly across from the pickleball court.  Games at the pickleball court start promptly every day at 9 am every day. This was our first experience with true snowbirds. People at this park come from all over the US and Canada to winter over in the warmth of Phoenix.  I still put us in the category of travelers rather than snowbirds, even though I do relate to their desire to be in southern Arizona in the wintertime.

I had a Veterans Administration Doctors appointment in Yuma about three weeks ago and had an additional appointment in Phoenix last Monday. We wanted to see the Phoenix area anyway, and I was in town.   This appointment wasn’t available in Yuma, but I was able to coordinate it in Phoenix.

Back to California for the Doctor Appointment

While in Phoenix, I was able to schedule my endoscopy exam in California, so now we are on our way to Seal Beach to make that happen. Driving an RV from Riverside to Seal Beach is best done on Sunday morning, so that is our schedule.  After my doctors’ appointment, we will again go east, back to Arizona and continue our wanders, without needing to stop for doctor appointments… I hope.

Cancer? I hope not!

For our friends that do not know – I was on the edge of cancer of the esophagus years ago. I had been doing endoscopies every year until a few years ago to monitor the un-natural tissue growth and when the report came back that “cancer not excluded” the doctor quit looking at it and decided to treat it.

Then instead of ramming a camera down my throat, the doctors started ramming a microwave down my throat and burning the tissue to get rid of it. For a while, I had the microwave treatment every four months.  Since then we have gone back to the camera, it now has been over two years since the last look-see.

The term “ramming” is just to flower the text, my doctors are very gentle and don’t really ram anything down my throat – unlike the Navy.

Assuming I am not going back to the un-natural tissue, I should get two more years free of checkups.

Here is a link to the google map for the Buckeye area.

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  1. They have really improved managing the awareness of the procedure…wishing you happy sleep during the procedure and the banishment of bad cells!

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