November 2021

Old Saint Augustine

Saint Augustine Bishop of Hippo Regius, now in Algeria

Saint Augustine in Florida (named after Saint Augustine, Bishop of Hippo Regius, now in Algeria) claims to be the oldest European settlement in North America. Is it true, or just a marketing ploy? Well, it depends on how you define settlement and on how you define North America. Other cities, now in the United States, …

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Historic Forts in Florida

Historic Forts in Florida

The very first place we went after crossing the Georgia/Florida border heading south was to one of the historic forts in Florida. After Columbus, Spain moved fast to capitalize on the opportunity a “New World” presented. The riches in the new world were ripe for the picking according to their thoughts on the subject. Exploiting …

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Escapee’s Magazine Article

Escapee's Magazine

We have been published again, this time in Escapee’s Magazine the article is “Do You Need a Cell Phone Booster?” You can read it in the November 2021 issue. Escapees dedicated four full pages to the article including the screenshot at the top of this post. I am honored that they picked up this article …

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Charleston Charm

The Pineapple Fountain Charleston in Waterfront Park

Charleston has a charm that is unlike every other city we have visited. Nearly every building in Charleston is more than 200 years old. During the 18th century, Charleston was the richest city in the English Colonies. Following the Revolutionary War Charleston, continued to be the richest city in the United States. For the most …

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