FoxRVTravel Bad Roads for RVs

FoxRVTravel Bad Roads For RVs: Use this map and find where we have been and which roads we think are bad for RVs — all you have to do is CLICK ON THE DOT SYMBOL representing the location. When you do this, the place name will popup and then if you select the code in the popup, it will open our review of these bad roads.

Not all these roads are bad enough that you should never travel on them. Some of them are bad enough you should never travel on them. Some are only bad at certain times of year.  All of them deserve your respect and careful assessment. 

Of course, you can move the map by dragging and zoom the map using the +/- keys or by scrolling with your mouse. By selecting full screen, you can even make the map cover your entire screen. 

We have not traveled on all these bad roads, some were huge mistakes that we did use. Others we identified as bad roads prior to using them and we routed around them. We will fill in the blanks as we travel and backfill the roads as we remember them