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Boondocking at a Winery

We are boondocking at a winery. This is not a country road in Arizona, but rather a vineyard. Behind our camp for the night are the grapes. Behind that pistachio trees. I did not figure on finding wine in Arizona, but here we are, camping in a vineyard. We are southwest of Willcox at least ten miles from the highway. Our host for the night was Golden Rule Vineyards.

The night sky was nearly as dark as Death Valley. Sunrise was beautiful. Of course, I love the privacy and quiet, until we heard (and felt) the trains.

This would be a good time to introduce our boondocking club, (usually at a winery) all pre-arranged by a company named Harvest Host. This is a membership company that sets-up a camping scheme for RVers that we can stop at their property and spend the night.

We are members of Harvest Hosts and when only planning on spending one night in an area consult our list of hosts that have offered overnight camping on their property in exchange for visiting their store. In this case, we attended a wine tasting.

Please send me a note if you want more details and are interested in becoming a member or becoming a host and maybe I can get an extended membership if you decide to join.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route San Diego to El Paso

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25 thoughts on “Boondocking at a Winery”

  1. to Stephnie

    The people were very nice. If you subtract the bottle of wine and pistachios, the price was to the same as DM with full hookups. Trains were not a problem. Live the seclusion.

  2. It looks like Wilcox is a bigger town than Cochise. Is that a dry lake bed south of Wilcox and east of Cochise?

  3. to Don and Mindy

    Yes, will stop at both the south end first and the to the north end after a couple of weeks.

  4. to Dennis and Karen

    The red ones, in our youth, came from Iran. There, two almost worthless factiods in one day.

  5. to Dennis and Karen

    The red die came from the mats they were dried on after soaking in water. Wonder it didn’t kill us.

  6. to Joel

    Confusing but capable. Full charge by 1 pm. Does weird things when we were driving, or start the generator. Yesterday it charged the battery when driving. Today it would not. ????? Still, we were full-on arrival and could use ample in the afternoon and have full batteries at sunset. I still use the generator to run the jacks and slides.

  7. Figures there would be some disturbing event. Looks very peaceful. Still cold here. February broke a low temp record.

  8. Drove to Colo Springs last weekend. Hit a slugfest just south of Ft Collins.just after rush hour Friday. Very very glad I rented a 4 wheel drive vehicle; did not see any accidents though. I stayed behind tracker trailers.

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