July 2022

The Bitterroot Valley

The Bitterroot Valley

We heard that the Bitterroot Valley was a very pretty place in Montana. I have wanted to visit it for a very long time. There is so much more to the story. Yes, the Bitterroot Valley is very pretty. We spent ten wonder-filled days in a tiny campground on the edge of the Bitterroot Valley. …

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The Big Fire

The big fire valley in the Bitterroot mountains seen from the Route of the Hiawatha.

In the “big fire”, as they call it, it all burned. Everything of value was gone. The big fire was actually 3000 smaller fires, yes the number is correct three thousand fires. The fire destroyed three million acres of prime, old-growth forest. The big fire Three million acres is three times the area of the …

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Kayak Adventures

Kayak Adventures sunset at Clear Lake Washington.

Our Hurricane Kayaks are very responsible for making our kayak adventures more fun. By following our journey, you already know that we really love kayaking. We promised to and are taking our kayaks to places that Hurricane Kayaks have never been before. I can say this with confidence because some of our next stops are …

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