Five-year full-time RV travel adventure. See amazing places and meet wonderful friends. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

FoxRVTravel Scott and Tami
Scott and Tami

Scott and Tami

I am a retired Naval Aviator (Pilot)  and am very blessed to find Tami who spent her working years in Semi-Conductor Manufacturing and Commercial Real Estate.  Together we have four wonderful children scattered in three different cities, all west of the Rocky Mountains.

Together we are on a five year long, full-time RV travel adventure. 

We get to see our children but that doesn’t mean that we are not going to stay in the west.  In fact, we are not going to stay in the country and sometimes we are not going to even travel by RV. 

FoxRVTravel documents the wonderful places we have gone. This is our story about RV life on the road. We started the FoxRVTravel blog as a running story from one week to the next that we are hoping you will enjoy. 

We have been traveling in our RV travel starting in 2017 on our first trip to see the August 2017 total eclipse in Idaho. Most of FoxRVTravel is about us and RV travel.

RV travel isn’t a vacation or just a retirement plan.  We do the same everyday life things that everyone does, we just do them while we are on the road, in great places. 

FoxRVTravel is about us but it is for you to enjoy. 

Everything you need to know about solar energy and batteries to operate your RV endlessly without outside electricity. We have installed fully functional solar on two RVs. 

On our current motorhome, we have achieved electric energy independence with the exception of air conditioning although we can and do run our air conditioner occasionally from our battery.  In this section we give you the details on what we have done and how the solar panel system works and how it continues to function.

What do we think about the places we have been to. Getting good information about where we camp and how well we fit into our campgrounds has never been easier. Since it is our newest section, I will be filling and backfilling as I go. Click on the map to  go directly to our review of that location.  More locations are added weekly.

We have been on our share of bad roads. Some of them are bad enough you should never travel on them. I will be filling and backfilling as I go. Click on the map to go directly to our review of each. We have reviewed each and traveled on some big mistakes. Go in with your eyes open with much more information than we had.  More locations are added as we find these bad roads.

I was going to name this menu item “quickies” but that has a completely different meaning and tweets was already taken. So snippets are sometimes short, sometimes pithy, FoxRVTravel blog entries on topics that are not found in other sections. Some snippets are products we use and review. Others are about where we have found a great meal. We even have snippets about where they sell good beer in Alabama — it is not where you would think to find it.