How to Plan (and Take) an Epic RV Trip Across Canada to Alaska

Majestic Northern Rockies on the Alaska Highway

How to Plan (and Take) an Epic RV Trip across Canada to Alaska. This is going to be part one of a two-part story. The second part will be about how to plan an RV trip through Alaska. We have lots of recommendations about how to plan an RV Trip across Canada to Alaska. I […]

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The 2023 epic travel adventure

This photo is again from K'esugi Ken Campground viewpoint. It is a seperate photo but at the campground you loose some size perspective that you get with the normal picture taken from Denali Viewpoint South.

Our 2023 epic travel adventure took us further north and further south than ever before. In 2023 we also went further in less time than we ever had before. I haven’t yet even finished telling you about our summer adventure to Alaska and it is already the holiday season. We visited the most remote places

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The Big Fire

The big fire valley in the Bitterroot mountains seen from the Route of the Hiawatha.

In the “big fire”, as they call it, it all burned. Everything of value was gone. The big fire was actually 3000 smaller fires, yes the number is correct three thousand fires. The fire destroyed three million acres of prime, old-growth forest. The big fire Three million acres is three times the area of the

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Quiet at the lake

Jefferson County Lake Park

It has been quiet at the lake, well at least it was quiet, and it will be quiet at the lake again — soon. Our travels have taken us south at a rapid pace with the change of seasons. Winter arrived in the west on Labor Day. Labor Day, the last day of summer isn’t

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Campsite Review: Beavertail Hill Campground

Campsite Review: Beavertail Hill Campground

Campsite Review: Beavertail Hill Campground is south of Interstate 90 twenty-five miles east of Missoula Montana. After departing the Interstate turn south on Bonita Station Road for less than one mile. The campground is along a bend in the Clark Fork River which flows westward to the Columbia River. The Lewis and Clark Expedition followed

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Stunning Big Sky

Sunset at Holland Lake

Montana’s Big Sky motto is obvious everywhere we look. Big Sky is stunning. The longer we stay in Montana, the more we love it. All that may change during tomorrow’s cold snap. We love the size and everything about Montana. This is our second year (in a row) visiting Montana. Last year we crossed Montana,

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Montana Remote

Foy's Lake

Most people would say Montana is remote. We are now remote in Montana and more remote than most people ever experience in their life.  We have been remote before and we like — remote. Here the nearest city is only twenty miles if you flew to get there. Flying to get there from here would

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West Yellowstone WOW

Campsite Hebgen Lake West Yellowstone Montana

We spent two nights in Livingston Montana at Osen RV Park — a commercial campground for the weekend.  We avoid commercial campgrounds preferring the more rustic settings. Since we are living a lot more without reservations this year and last weekend, was the last weekend before school starts in this area, we got reservations for

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