January 2020

Why Quartzsite

Our Campsite (HDR enhanced) at Quartzsite

I’ll get right to the point, why is Quartzsite such an attraction? Well for us it is friends. Each day we meet new friends. Every day we have seen old friends. Even with all the distractions of the Big Tent and an even bigger swap meet outside.  Everything here is for sale. There are multiple

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Xcapers Bash Solar Data Collection and analysis

Bash Solar Data

Xcapers Bash Solar Data Collection and analysis. As you know, the Xcapers Bash is 100% off-grid. Many RVs have solar to recharge RV batteries, some only have generators. This represents a huge opportunity to get same-day, same-weather, day-by-day electric data from hundreds of RV battery users – with and without solar recharging. Thanks for contributing

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Snippet: Travel Slowly

2017 to 2019 Combined Route

Snippet: Travel Slowly (and Stop for a while). So far we have visited every cowboy state (except Kansas and Oklahoma) mostly by secondary highways and back roads. Instead of dashing across the country covering hundreds of miles a day (or so), typically we move every four days. We stop every hundred miles (or so) on

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