Month: August 2018

Boring, Oregon

Mount Hood, Oregon

The day before we arrived at the last campsite, at the east end of the Columbia Gorge, they had a wildfire. This is really getting old. The fire was out, but the airflow, which is normally up the river, from the ocean is still reversed and smoke that covers all of Oregon and Washington goes …

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Pendleton, Oregon

Scott and Tami Plymouth Park

Shirts Tunnels and Boarding Houses While staying in southern Washington, we drove to Pendleton, Oregon just to have a look around. We didn’t expect to have to try to outrun the smoke this summer, so all of this was unplanned.  I have always wanted to visit Pendleton but didn’t know much about it. I have …

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Water filter system

Water Filter and Water Softener in Storage Compartment

My water filter system is done. All you have to do to fill the tanks is unwind the hose reel and connect it to the water source. The hose is attached to the two filters. The first filter removes anything larger that is bigger than 5 microns. The second filter removes anything bigger than .5 …

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Kennewick, Washington

Kennewick Washington, Columbia River, Mountain of potatoes

This is the Snake River in Kennewick Washington, a farm town. We moved south 150 miles to escape the smoke, unfortunately, the wind shifted and blew the smoke south… Tomorrow we go further south then if that doesn’t work, turn west. We have been trying to outrun the smoke for about two weeks now. The …

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Smoke in Washington

We gave up on going to Idaho. Too much Smoke in Washington. Our plan was to cross eastern Washington, stop in Spokane and then to Northern Idaho, maybe crossing into Montana. There are just too many fires and too much smoke. We decided, we have wheels and we can find some clean air  — somewhere.  …

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RV Water Treatment

Water Filter and Water Softener in Storage Compartment

Bad water “Boy, the water is horrible.”  I don’t remember ever saying that during our first year of RVing full time. I have low standards; but my wife, on the other hand, has high standards. Thus I started my mission to fix the water problem. We have lived with our RV Water Treatment system for a …

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RV Cell phone booster

SureCall Cell Phone Booster and Antenna

Does a cell phone booster work and is it necessary for full-time RV travelers? How important is it, how does it work, when and where is it necessary? A year ago (spring 2018) I was very frustrated with AT&T discount Cricket phone service in the southwest.  We were traveling between Saint George Utah to Cortez …

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