Southbound in the Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley

We have now traveled the entire Willamette Valley southbound going through Oregon. Our previous visits to Oregon included crossing and visiting the Willamette Valley each time with the objective of going somewhere else. This time going to the Willamette Valley was the objective. Tacked onto this journey was also visiting the mountains south of the …

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Quinault Rainforest and Kestner Homestead

Quinault Kestner Homestead

The Quinault rainforest and Kestner Homestead are at the southwest corner of Olympic National Park. It is the newest part of the park. Positioned northeast of Lake Quinault, the Kestners tried to carve a farm out of the rainforest and eventually failed. It wasn’t for the lack of effort or associated with lack of water. …

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The End of the Road

Scott and Tami at the end of the road.

We made it to the end of the road. Starting in Key West in January our goal was to cross the country from corner to corner. We made it all the way. Perhaps in a couple of years, we will repeat the adventure of crossing from San Diego to the far northeast corner of Maine. …

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Lake Crescent Olympic National Park

Lake Crescent Washington

Lake Crescent is amazing. Its crystal clear water sparkles with colors that range from the deepest sapphire blue to turquoise. It is the largest lake in Olympic National Park and the second-deepest lake in Washington. Even though the size doesn’t match Lake Tahoe or Crater Lake it is just as, or for me, more beautiful. Location …

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Amazing Fort Worden

Fort Worden

Fort Worden shouldn’t be mentioned without mentioning its sister forts. Fort Worden, Fort Casey, and Fort Flagler were linked together as if they were one fort. This was because they all had one task. They created a crossfire that defended Puget Sound from a Naval attack. These forts, all acted as one, even though miles …

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Across the Cascade Mountains

Across the Cascade Mountains

Working our way west across the Cascade Mountains. During our full-time travel journey, we have done this several times. We might go across the Cascade Mountains again next year. Our route next year is not quite certain yet but firming up. This year’s journey started on January 1st in Key West and crossed the entire …

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RVing in a Heat Dome

July 2022 heat dome

RVing in a Heat Dome isn’t fun. There I go again, complaining about the weather. Yes, the problem was all self-induced. Our goal for the year was to travel and have fun while crossing the lower 48 states from the tip of Florida in Key West all the way to Puget Sound in the far …

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Kayak Adventures

Kayak Adventures sunset at Clear Lake Washington.

Our Hurricane Kayaks are very responsible for making our kayak adventures more fun. By following our journey, you already know that we really love kayaking. We promised to and are taking our kayaks to places that Hurricane Kayaks have never been before. I can say this with confidence because some of our next stops are …

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Northeast Washington

Tami kayak on Diablo Lake

Our journey is taking a right turn and our must-see destination is not in northeast Washington, but rather starts in the Cascades crosses the state eastward and gets real pretty again in Idaho.  This year we are going to Coeur d’ALene area, east of Spokane, and after crossing into Montana we will be at Glacier …

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Campsite Review Clear Lake Campground

Campsite Review: Clear Lake Recreation Area Campground

Campsite Review Clear Lake Campground (military) is located north of Interstate 90 — twenty miles southwest of Spokane, Washington. This is a private, military only, campground although there is no guard at the gate, a military ID card is required to check-in. The campground includes a picnic area, boating, fishing, and other watersports. Fairchild Air …

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Campsite Review Howard Miller Steelhead Campground

Campsite Review: Howard Miller Steelhead Campground

Campsite Review Howard Miller Steelhead Campground Is east of Burlington, Washinton on Highway 20 just to the north of the Skagit River. It is between the small town of Concrete and North Cascades National Park. The address is Rockport, Washington, a tiny town. Just to the northwest of Howard Miller Steelhead Is Rockport State Park which …

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Northwest Washington

Diablo Lake

Since departing Lake Wenatchee we headed west along Highway 2 to Everett, just north of Seattle.  We are spending three weeks in northwest Washington. The last time I drove my RV through Seattle I promised myself that the next time I would go from Tacoma to Everett via Wenatchee. We didn’t go to Tacoma but …

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Campsite Review: Wenberg Campground

Campsite Review: Wenberg Campground

Campsite Review: Wenberg Campground is in northwest Washington, north of Everette, and west of Arlington. Wenberg Park is operated by Snohomish County but was first developed as a Washington State Park. The park is on the east side of Lake Goodwin and very popular with local campers on the weekend. Snohomish County renovated the lakeshore …

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Kennewick Washington

Kennewick Washington, Columbia River, Mountain of potatoes

This is the Snake River in Kennewick Washington, a farm town. We moved south 150 miles to escape the smoke, unfortunately, the wind shifted and blew the smoke south… Tomorrow we go further south then if that doesn’t work, turn west. We have been trying to outrun the smoke for about two weeks now. The …

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Smoke in Washington

20180811 185825 HDR2

We gave up on going to Idaho. Too much Smoke in Washington. Our plan was to cross eastern Washington, stop in Spokane and then to Northern Idaho, maybe crossing into Montana. There are just too many fires and too much smoke. We decided, we have wheels and we can find some clean air  — somewhere.  …

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Howard Miller Steelhead Park

Our campsite Howard Miller Steelhead Rockport Washington

After Jim Creek, we moved further north, Howard Miller Steelhead Park which is closer to Bellingham and stayed at the Skagit River. We are near Rockport State Park, right on the Skagit River, downtown in the tiny town of Rockport, Washington (population 109). This is close enough to visit Bellingham and far enough away, to …

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Tacoma and Mount Rainier

Myrtle Falls and Mount Rainier from the Paradise Area

We are moving north again, this time to Tacoma and Mount Rainier. Mt. Saint Helen’s was awesome. From Tacoma, you can see Mount Rainier from anywhere you can see the skyline to the southeast. It is huge and stands alone. On a clear day, you can see it from one hundred miles. Tami took this …

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Mount Saint Helens

Coldwater Lake, near Mount Saint Helens, Washington

We have a new state to add to our travels. So far we have stayed in nine different states. I can’t say we have covered nine states, but we have stayed multiple nights in every state on the list. Washington is going to be a treat but the first stop was for maintenance. Mount Saint …

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