The 2023 epic travel adventure

This photo is again from K'esugi Ken Campground viewpoint. It is a seperate photo but at the campground you loose some size perspective that you get with the normal picture taken from Denali Viewpoint South.

Our 2023 epic travel adventure took us further north and further south than ever before. In 2023 we also went further in less time than we ever had before. I haven’t yet even finished telling you about our summer adventure to Alaska and it is already the holiday season. We visited the most remote places

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Campsite Review: Tonopah Banc Club Casino “Campground”

Campsite Review: Tonopah Banc Club Casino "Campground"

Campsite Review: Tonopah Banc Club Casino “Campground” (closed during our stay overnight, gravel parking lot). Tonopah Nevada, to avoid confusion. The Banc Club is located just north of Highway 95 just north of the downtown area in Tonopah. The Banc Club offers truck and RV parking in their dirt lot without charge. Tonopah Nevada is

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Tami’s birthday surprise

Richard, Tami, Allison, Clark at Tami's Birthday Party 2018

After Death Valley, I planned our route to be in Las Vegas for Tami’s birthday. I started planning her birthday party three months ago, getting the plan in order. The plan was to meet at her brother’s house on Tami’s birthday. Going to your brother’s house on your birthday doesn’t make for a surprise party.

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New Toad

Our new (to us) toad (tow car) Subaru Forester

Another RV term is “Toad” which means a car towed behind the RV. The word is used in a sentence as if “What kind of toad do you have?” Our old toad was an Acura, very nice and we got it already with the necessary equipment to tow behind the RV. The Acura had one

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Waiting for Repair

Sunset Death Valley National Park

Yesterday was not a good day on wheels. We’re stuck. No starter. We are broken down waiting for repair. We are still at our friend’s house. No jiggling of the gear shifter is getting me out of this one. Willy the local mobile mechanic came over with his repair truck and diagnosis was a break

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Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire, Nevada State Park

We have electricity, and water, no sewer, no cell phone coverage, and no computers. We do have a view. We are at Valley of Fire for the rest of the week. The view from our front window. Our friends Patti and Joel are in the RV in front of us. In the summer — Hot!

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Las Vegas

Las Vegas night photo

Vegas — Baby Traveling to Las Vegas along the Colorado River was just what we needed. We just arrived in Vegas after spending the week in Laughlin/Bullhead City. Not much to see there. The big view was the casinos in Laughlin. It was very windy — most of the time. We did go to Oatman

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