End of Year Review – 2021

2021 End of Year Review

This is our end-of-year review. Where did we go and what did we do in 2021? (The states we visited in 2021 are above this paragraph next to the date.) What amazing things did we see along the way? In 2021 we added eleven new states to our route map. Other than Louisana we spent …

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Storming Arizona

Storming Arizona

Storming Arizona describes both our stay in Arizona and how we left Arizona. We have never traveled so far so fast. Now it is warm. I was telling friends that we were going to slow down when it got warm. The last few days were in the 70s, and then it was more than 80. …

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Hueco Tanks Texas

Campsite Hueco Tanks El Paso Texas

We have added Texas to our map. After spending three days in El Paso we pushed east to a huge rock-climbing location called Hueco Tanks Texas. Seems that it used to be a free-for-all and now the Texas State Park system has cracked down, cutting visitors to 70 a day, plus guided operations. Normal campers …

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Campsite Review: Pine Springs Campground

Campsite Review: Pine Springs Campground

Campsite Review: Pine Springs Campground, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, this is RV is camping in a parking lot. Not my style of camping. Guadalupe Mountains NP is not an RV destination. It is a hiking destination and backcountry camping destination but it is not an RVing destination. We didn’t visit Dog Canyon Campground because the …

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