Amazing State Park Passes that we love to use

State Park Pass for full-time RVers

What State Park Passes do we love using as full-time RV travelers? How did we get them? What is the cost, and what are the benefits? Which ones are the best? This post is updated from the previous July 2023 post. Updated May 2024 South Dakota I also qualify for different state programs. South Dakota […]

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Our 2023 epic travel adventure

This photo is again from K'esugi Ken Campground viewpoint. It is a seperate photo but at the campground you loose some size perspective that you get with the normal picture taken from Denali Viewpoint South.

Our epic 2023 travel adventure took us further north and south than ever before, and in 2023, we also went further in less time than ever. I haven’t yet finished telling you about our summer adventure to Alaska, and it is already the holiday season. We visited the most remote places, and for the first

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Classic Rotors, a One-of-a-Kind helicopter (rescue) museum

Classic rotors arrival of a newly restored aircraft

Classic Rotors is a special aircraft museum in Ramona California. One-of-a-kind refers both to the museum and the helicopters. The museum is dedicated to rescuing one-of-a-kind and unique historically significant helicopters. The all-volunteer museum staff is bringing these historical aircraft back to flying condition and then flying them. They have several one-of-a-kind helicopters and some

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Campsite Review: Seal Beach Campground

Campsite Review Seal Beach Campground

Campsite Review: Seal Beach Campground is a military-only campground located on the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station California. It is an extremely nice campground. Ignore directions from Google maps and GPS units. These devices will take you a much longer way through the congestion of Seal Beach. From Interstate 405 exit on Seal Beach Boulevard

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View of Morro Rock, Morro Bay, California

Happy Thanksgiving Thanksgiving came late in the month this year. We haven’t waited to be thankful. Just like last year, this year has been wonderful. We are currently in a small Army National Guard Post, between San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. Thankful for You The first and most important thing that we are thankful

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Redwoods to Grapes

Redwoods to Grapes Carson House in Eureka California

Redwoods to Grapes: If you travel south from Oregon along the coast, you will first travel from the redwoods to grapes country. Starting in Eureka we travel south through the redwoods to Ukiah heading into the heart of Napa Valley and Calistoga known for grapes, wine, and spas. Eureka to Ukiah The distance between Eureka

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Departing the Beach

Campsite View San Onofre California

Departing the beach. Solar panels on the roof, kayaks on the car… Be in Bonita for one more week, then we turn east for our longest route ever. Our objective for 2019 includes almost every cowboy state and most of the entire Oregon and California coast. Our stay at San Onofre was very nice and

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Boise for Christmas

Sunset Pacific Ocean San Diego California

Why would we leave San Diego, where we have a great parking spot on San Diego Bay, overlooking the marina and sailboats and go to Boise for Christmas. The answer is family. Several of our friends have offered to come to house-sit for us, in our RV, seems like all of them are further north.

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Quiet in Death Valley

Sunrise, Death Valley, California

Mesquite Springs It was quiet in Death Valley especially at our new campsite in Mesquite Springs. and beautiful. Eight days might be a little long. Each day provided new views and light shows with unexpected attractions. We saw the Milky Way span across the sky, identified Mars and Saturn without a telescope and counted at

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Westgard Pass – Gilbert Summit, Bad Roads for RVs

Westgard Pass

Westgard Pass – Gilbert Summit is on California Highway 168 west of Big Pine California to Oasis California. This is a bad road for an RV. In Oasis Highway 168 connects to Nevada Highway 266. Westgard Pass connects to White Mountain Road and leads to Grandview Campground. Nevada Highway 266, south from Oasis is also

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Campsite Review: Lake O’Neill Campground

Campsite Review: Lake O'Neill Campground

Campsite Review: Lake O’Neill Campground is on Camp Pendelton, on the north side of Lake O’Neill. This is a military-only campground. The full name is Lake O’Neill Recreation Park which includes the campground, lake, and other recreation facilities intended for use by military personnel. The nearest city with services is Oceanside. The campsite has 40

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Our first day

On our first day, as full-time RVers, we weren’t going to go very far. Towing the toad On our trip to Idaho, we towed our car. It hardly seemed worthwhile to hook and the car up for twelve miles on our first day, so instead, I drove the car behind the RV as Tami drove

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Damage Control

This is our first-day damage control story. Wildfires With our hotel stay extended and our RV not in the direct path of the fire we are set for one more day. I got reservations starting on the next day, December 9th at a different military campground in San Diego named Admiral Baker thirty miles from

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