Campsite Patagonia Lake State Park Arizona

Patagonia Lake State Park

Everything is great here at Patagonia Lake State Park located about 20 miles northeast of Nogales AZ. A little too cold for the kayaks. May see snow before the weekend is over. As you can see, our site is quite unlevel we have about 8 inches of blocks under the front wheels. This would have been very frustrating a year ago.

Bird watching

Most people go to Patagonia Lake State Park to look for birds. One tropical bird is fond of this area and comes up from Mexico in the early spring (winter for most of the country) and is high on the desired list for rare birds to see in the United States. The Elegant Trogon is brightly covered with a Green Head and Red Orange chest. We wandered all over the park, which also hosts cattle, looking for this bird, which has often been seen right in the camp-ground. We didn’t go to Patagonia Lake State Park to look for birds, it was just along the way and a great place to stop. Good thing we weren’t looking for Trogons because then we might have been disappointed.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route San Diego to El Paso

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    Yes, hooked the controller to the battery. The wire from the roof is installed. VERY painful. But since we have electricity it works, I’m just waiting to find out how well it works.

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