May 2018

Bend Oregon

Snow on the Cascade Mountain Range East of Bend Oregon

After stopping in the middle of Oregon sage country, we drove through Bend, Oregon, south to LaPine State Park in LaPine. The Deschutes River flows through La Pine and Bend, generally from south to north, along the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range all the way to the Columbia River which divides Oregon and

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LaPine State Park

Fall River Near La Pine Oregon

LaPine State Park (correctly spelled without a space) is in a tall pine forest south of Bend.  We were only able to get a four-day reservation. We didn’t know the reason, and couldn’t believe that the park was full, on weekdays, in the middle of May. As a backup plan, I knew that the north

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Boise, Idaho

Sunset over lake with reflection

In Boise, Idaho, we stayed at Gowen Field which is an Air Force Reserve Base, located right next to the Boise Airport. It is a nice, small area which has a small problem in that it is right next to the Boise Airport. We loved the place except for the noise.  We frequent Boise, because

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Twin Falls Idaho

Shoshone Falls view Twin Falls Idaho

We have been to Twin Falls, Idaho multiple times including stops in our RV going to the solar eclipse in 2017.  This time, unlike in August 2017, the Shoshone Falls had lots of water flowing over it, creating some good photo opportunities. In 2017 nearly all the water in the Snake River had been diverted

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Burley Heyburn, Idaho

Snake River Valley view near Burley Idaho

We moved from the country to a small farm town. Burley Idaho is on the Snake River to the east of Heyburn is on the north side of the river Burley is on the south side. We stayed at Heyburn Riverside RV Park. Burley is a little bigger. In my view, both are very nice,

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Curlew National Grasslands

Curlew National Grasslands, campsite view, Stone Idaho

We are camping at Curlew Campground, south of Curlew National Grasslands.  We have miles of sagebrush and a view of Stone Lake, a lake owned by the cattleman’s association. Even though the lake is right next to the campground it is trespassing to go to the shoreline. Cattle outnumber people about 20 to 1. They

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Hyrum Lake State Park

Lake View, Campsite, view, Hyrum Lake State Park, Logan, Utah

This picture is from Hyrum State Park in north-central Utah.  This is a very nice lake with plenty of visitors even in early May especially in contrast to Huntington Lake State Park, which we had all to ourselves. In the last week, we had snow showers and small hail followed by lots of rain. We

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