Our RV

Red Bay Makeover

Red Bay Makeover

Red Bay Makeover: Why go to Red Bay to remodel our RV? Why would we need to remodel our RV? Red Bay is the home of Tiffin Motorhomes. The people here have more experience with Tiffin Motorhomes than anywhere on earth. While here we performed our annual maintenance, fixed a few broken parts, and gave …

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So how do we like it?

So how do we like it?

So how do we like it? There were so many unexpected nice things about our new RV. Since we converted from an upgraded camper (I thought of it as a school bus) to an older luxury motor home I have to say that I lacked the perspective of how this could be much better than …

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Did we get what we wanted?

Did we get what we wanted? We have been living in our new RV exactly one week and we have already gained some insights into what we have purchased.  This post outlines what we wanted and did we get what we wanted.  Of course, the timeline of the blog is compressed and all of this …

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Our new RV

We found our new RV. This post is a follow up to our changing from one RV to another. What did we find when shopping and what made this one a winner? First, this is a 2008 Tiffin Bus. We had very knowledgable friends recommend this model. Our friends are also on board for lots …

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Selling our RV (sold)

Our RV in the California Redwoods

This post describes how we went about selling our RV. It was shockingly easy because we had a popular RV in very good condition with low mileage. We were also in the right place at the right time and connected with a buyer that was specifically looking for our RV, the same year, model and …

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Our RV is a Tiffin 34 TGA

Campsite Valley of Fires New Mexico

Tiffin Open Road 34 TGA Our RV is a Tiffin 34 TGA. There are lots of choices for size and type of RV for full-time travel. I think we were lucky to find one that fits our lifestyle. There is also a huge variation in price. You don’t need the most expensive or the biggest …

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