Campsite Sierra Vista Arizona snowing

Fort Huachuca Snow

Fort Huachuca isn’t known for snow. We can’t go any further south and stay in Arizona. Can’t really complain though. It is very pretty here at Fort Huachuca, pronounced Wa-Chu-ka. I don’t think we are getting an accurate representation of its typical beauty. Not much water nearby, so the kayaks are still on the car.

Campsite Sierra Vista Arizona snowing
Campsite Sierra Vista Arizona snowing

Alaska sunshine

Yes, that is Arizona sunshine….. no, maybe it is Alaska sunshine in Arizona. We got six inches of snow as far south in Arizona as you can get. We survived just fine and thirty-six hours later it was all gone.

It has been a strange year, much colder and wetter than we expected in southern Arizona. This is one time that we are thrilled to have paid for electricity. Solar doesn’t work — unless there is sunshine and even if it did work, there is no way we could have enough solar, to heat our RV when it is sitting in the snow. Besides, I’m pretty sure the panels are shaded when under six inches of Alaska sunshine.

Fort Huachuca

The Rv camp Fort Huachuca (pronounced Wa-chu-ka) is at an Army Fort (historic location of the Buffalo Soldiers) and the current home of some Army schools located next to Sierra Vista Arizona.

Here is a link to the google map for the Fort Huachuca area.

Link to our 2019 Route.

Link to our route San Diego to El Paso

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  1. to Dennis and Karen

    Scottsdale- canceled school.
    San Diego snow at 1000′
    Yuma is good.
    Flagstaff 40 inches of snow,

    The temperature here was 40 at sunrise. 30 now and dropping.

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