August 2021

Two Virginias

Two Virginias

We have found two Virginias in Virginia. I am not referring to West Virginia and Virginia. Rather, two Virginias inside the state of Virginia. Years ago we visited the Washington D.C. corner of Virginia. That was our first introduction to Virginia. We are now in the other of the two Virginias. Most people divide Virginia

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Crazy Kudzu

Crazy kudzu

Crazy kudzu is everywhere. This is our number one observation over the last month. Crazy kudzu dominates North Carolina and southern Virginia. I first heard of kudzu in the 1960s. It was already a problem invasive species intentionally imported from Japan as decoration in 1876. It spread as food for animals and erosion control. I

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Campsite Review: Horseshoe Point Campground

Campsite Review Horseshoe Point Campground

Campsite Review: Horseshoe Point Campground is located northwest of Martinsville Virginia. The campground is operated by the Army Corps of Engineers on the east side of Philpott Lake. The nearest city big enough to have the most services is Roanoak, Virginia. Horseshoe Point Campground has easy access and a boat launch on Philpott Lake. There

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