Campsite Review KOA Tucson Campground

Campsite Review: KOA Tucson Campground

Campsite Review: KOA Tucson Campground is located in southeast Tucson south of Interstate 10. It is a very nice campground / RV park.

The joke is — the ideal location for a KOA is between the largest freeway and nearest train track — ideally, it should be near a major airport and in a light industrial part of town. If at all possible put it right next door to the biggest RV dealer in the area. The KOA at Tucson has all these plus a military airport on the north side. Draw your own conclusions pertaining to the noise level at night.

At the campground, there are thirteen rows with 400 well-spaced large sites with full hookups. About 140 sites are pull through and the rest are back in. All the sites are ample, but some are bigger than others. These are the best-spaced sites we have ever found at a KOA and much better than almost all commercial RV parks.

All most all sites are very exposed with little shade except for three huge solar arrays that provide overhead shelter for two rows and cast shadows for rows further to the north and east, during the hottest part of the day. The pavement at the sites comprises a nice patio, parking is in the gravel, parking for your car is on asphalt.

Solar Array, Sun Shelter KOA Tucson
Solar Array, Sun Shelter KOA Tucson

My favorite site in the winter would be 1687, it is huge, only has neighbors on one side and the patio side of the RV will be shaded in the afternoon. My favorite site in the summer is not to be at the KOA Tucson in the summer. It will be blazing hot and any shade you get won’t compensate for the temperature. Pick a site in the middle of the solar array.

KOA Tucson is a very nice campground.


Website: KOA Tucson

Address: 5151 S Country Club Rd, Tucson, AZ 85706

Link to Google Map for the area: KOA Tucson

Phone Number: (520) 799-3701

Reservations: 800-562-8730 KOA

Reservations are highly recommended for all weekends between October and May.

Dates stayed: December 10 – 15, 2020

Comfort: Temperatures were nice. Mid-60-degree range. Cold in the morning and pleasant for the rest of the day.

Elevation: 2568′

Season: Year-Round

Price Paid: $43.20/ night including taxes, we have the lowest prices in the park with a military discount.

Our Site: 1645

Hook-ups: Full, Electric 50 amp, sewer, and water

Dump station: ????

Restrooms: Yes

Shower: Yes

Laundry: Yes

Potable Water: Yes

Water to fill your RV storage tank: Yes

Cell service: Verizon – Good Signal / AT&T – Good Signal


Campsite Review: KOA Tucson Campground insider info:

The entire area will be extremely hot in the summer. (not a secret)

We like the back-in sites along the north, west, and east sides best because they are more private than sites in the middle of the park and they don’t have the road noise of the back-in sites on the south side. There is also a small RV storage area with limited hookups on the northeast corner that would be an ideal location for the least noise.

The first choice in the summer will be sites 1397 – 1410 and 1448 – 1462 and 1514 – 1430 are directly under the solar panels and thus will be in the shade, in the middle of the day, especially in the summer. Sites 1378 – 1391 and 1415 – 1428 and 1480 – 1500 will also benefit from the shade cast by the solar panels even though they are not under the array they are located to the north and east of the array and will be in the shade in the afternoon and evening.

Typical Back-in campsite KOA Tucson
Typical Back-in campsite KOA Tucson

Many of the sites are special and anything special is going to be a higher price. Here is a list of some of the features of special sites:

  • Upper-level deck providing a shaded patio
  • Grass
  • Pet Friendly with fireplace
  • Under the solar array
  • Fireplace with dog run
  • Dog run without fireplace
  • Tent site
  • Two sites for two RV buddies

Prices for spots vary wildly both for desired stay period location in the park. All the sites are similar and all the sites are different and it seems that KOA Tucson has made small changes fully with the intent of charging more for specific locations.


The goal at the KOA is to create a play zone that you don’t have to leave the park to have fun.

  • Two pools / hot tubs.
  • Large gathering patio,
  • BBQ restaurant,
  • Free artificial grass chip and greens.
  • Radio control vehicle park
  • Pickle ball courts
  • Workout Room
  • Climbing wall for kids

Layout and Satellite Views

KOA Tucson Satellite Layout
KOA Tucson Satellite Layout
KOA Tucson Satellite View
KOA Tucson Satellite View two solar arrays are the dark areas. The third array has been installed in the area of the blue dot.

That is our campsite review of the KOA Tucson Campground. Here is our link to our interactive map. Campsite Reviews

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KOA Tucson

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