September 2021

Sweet Shenandoah River

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There are only a few places that I know of that inspire people to write songs. Shenandoah is one of these places. Shenandoah is at the north end of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Unlike most of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Shenandoah River flows lazily along the valley parallel to the ridgeline. The Shenandoah River […]

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Coal Mine Life

Working the Coal Mines

For the previous 200 hundred years in West Virginia, coal from the coal mines was the number one resource that everyone wanted. Everyone in every West Virginia town that we have visited worked for the coal mines, even if they were not coal miners. Coal Miner’s Daughter Coal Miner’s Daughter doesn’t describe me but does

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Wampus caterwauling

Wampus caterwauling

Drinkin too much likker causes wampus caterwauling . As we explore western Virginia and West Virginia we are really enjoying it. That doesn’t mean we understand the locals when they talk. It is way different than I expected. The locals call it mountain talk. One local even mentioned the word hillbilly. I will explain more

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