Food Desert?

Food Desert?

Food Desert — As we travel we often encounter both outstanding food choices and food deserts. Tucson is not a food desert. In fact, our anniversary dinner uncovered a great downtown restaurant.

Great downtown restaurants alone would not create a blog post. We have been to lots of great downtown restaurants. However, having the best Reuben Sandwich — ever does create the need for a repeat visit and a blog post.

Best Reuben Ever

In terms of food, I don’t lack perspective as my waistline will attest. I can’t claim to have tested Reuben Sandwiches across the globe, or across America, or anything like that. But a Reuben is one of my favorite sandwiches. The Reuben Sandwich is a grilled sandwich on Rye bread served hot, composed of corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing. I had no clue about these things so I looked up the ingredients.

Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery
Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery

I can’t even tell you what I liked best about the sandwich, only that it is now my number one Reuben Sandwich ever.

The Hub

The restaurant was the Hub Restaurant and Ice Creamery on Congress Street in downtown Tucson. Here is a link: The Hub Downtown

The Hub also has a separate ice cream location almost directly across the street. Tomorrow, I plan on calling the management to point out that Julianna made sure we had excellent service (although I don’t think she is a waitress). I didn’t catch the waitress’s name and have no idea who the cook is.

The Hub Ice Cream
The Hub Ice Cream

After sampling the ice cream I decided that I was going to write this article, so on the way out the door, I snapped a few cell phone pictures. I am glad it wasn’t busy at the time — in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday.

I should also mention the ice cream, Tami said the strawberry balsamic ice cream was great. Yes, it was strawberry balsamic ice cream — it only sounds like a salad. I assure you it didn’t taste like a salad. I loved all the ice cream and couldn’t pick a winner.

As you know we don’t frequently post these random snippets if they don’t warrant a special mention and this Reuben made the cut. I say that as if there was some kind of standard of measurement, there is not. In this case, the winner was obvious. This was the best Reuben Sandwich I have ever had. You can’t win them all, in every category, so later I will point out some other incredible food we have found.

Food Deserts

Back to the subject. Actually, the subject was the best Reuben Sandwich ever. “Food Desert” was a good catchphrase for the introduction. I hope I didn’t break some kind of rule introducing a positive with a negative. But just in case you had any doubts, we have been to many food deserts and they are usually not in the desert, nor are they always in far-off locations.

I figured that I would at least point out that not everywhere we travel is a food paradise. Sometimes the best food we can find at a particular location is at a fast-food drive-thru. No kidding. Typically we bring our own food. We have been so many back roads way off the beaten track you might expect this to be the case. Being well off the beaten path doesn’t really make much of a difference; food deserts are also along major freeways and sometimes in the biggest cities.

It is a bad sign if a fast-food restaurant is located inside the only gas station. It is worse if the gas station is the only grocery store in town and has a few bowling lanes. (location concealed) If there is a no-name gas station with a no-name grill in a town that doesn’t have a neighborhood, then it may be ok, but probably not.

The term food desert also describes grocery stores, not just restaurants. If the only grocery is a dollar store, you are probably in a food desert.

Back to the Best

Just in case you have any questions, we have no affiliations with any of these companies other than we love their food.

I have been looking for the job of visiting great restaurants and being paid to eat great food. I would even do this job without pay — as long as I get to pick the location and time, and they don’t expect much in terms of knowing what I am talking about.

We only talk about stuff we have actually personally experienced. I hate articles written by people who have no idea what they are talking about.

7 thoughts on “Food Desert?”

  1. I feel like I am a cable subscriber receiving service without paying the provider. Guilty as charged.

    I really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. At Phil’s the best meal we have found is the Rib-less dinner. All the good stuff without the bones or sticky fingers.

      The onion rings are also very good.


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