Amazing State Park Passes that we love to use

State Park Pass for full-time RVers

What State Park Passes do we love using as full-time RV travelers? How did we get them? What is the cost, and what are the benefits? Which ones are the best? This post is updated from the previous July 2023 post. Updated May 2024 South Dakota I also qualify for different state programs. South Dakota […]

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Our 2023 epic travel adventure

This photo is again from K'esugi Ken Campground viewpoint. It is a seperate photo but at the campground you loose some size perspective that you get with the normal picture taken from Denali Viewpoint South.

Our epic 2023 travel adventure took us further north and south than ever before, and in 2023, we also went further in less time than ever. I haven’t yet finished telling you about our summer adventure to Alaska, and it is already the holiday season. We visited the most remote places, and for the first

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Campsite Review: Crooked River Ranch Campground

Campsite Review: Crooked River Ranch Campground

Campsite Review: Crooked River Ranch Campground is located north of Terrebonne, OR west of Highway 97 in the Crooked River Canyon next to the Crooked River Ranch Golf Course. One of the can’t-miss features of Crooked River Ranch is Crooked River Canyon. I say can’t-miss because nearly everywhere on the ranch the canyon wall is

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Crooked River

Crooked River Canyon

One of the can’t-miss features of Crooked River Ranch is Crooked River Canyon. I say can’t-miss because nearly everywhere on the ranch the canyon wall is obvious.  There are multiple lookout locations with established overlooks. At least two paths to hike to the bottom and of course. As you already know from our arrival picture,

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More cattle than people

Oregon Mountains east of John Day

There are basically two ways to cross Oregon (east-west) and the title of this post is appropriate for both routes. More cattle than people. After leaving Boise the first shift in scenery was from city to farm. The Snake River provides ample water to both Idaho and Oregon farms in the surrounding area. The Snake

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Brookings, Oregon & Redwoods

Pacific Ocean near Boardman Scenic Corridor, Brookings, Oregon

After spending three very nice days at Harris Beach State Park, Brookings, Oregon; we are continuing south on Highway 101. Brookings, Oregon and started seeing Redwoods. Brookings is just north of the California border and that’s where the GPS started notifying us of a detour. The detour was for the California agricultural checkpoint, but it

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Oregon South Coast

20191028 160638

The halfway point on the Oregon Coast is the Umpqua River. Everything north of the Umpqua River is considered the Oregon North Coast and everything south of the Umpqua river is considered the Oregon South Coast. We are staying at the Umpqua Dunes — Douglas County RV Park, just south of the Umpqua Dunes State

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Stormy on the Oregon Coast

Cape Disappointment Light House Waves Crashing Washington Coast

We are experiencing a true-life situation; similar to the Lewis and Clark Expedition at nearly the same location (of course, our living conditions are much more refined). The waves are high and the weather is stormy on the Oregon Coast.  We are further west than where Lewis and Clark built Fort Clatsop and closer to

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Boring Oregon

Mount Hood view Sandy Oregon

Boring – Oregon is really the name of the town and we love it. Mount Hood After you get to the west side of Mount Hood, as we anticipated everything is green. We are just north of the “official” end of the Oregon Trail, which we visited while we were here.  The pioneers started fanning

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Sisters LaPine and Bend

Deschutes Rive, Bend Oregon

We stayed at Sisters, then LaPine followed by Bend in that order, all while waiting for our repair. Sisters What a wonderful place Sisters. Our campsite was in the city park and we could and did walk to downtown, to what is now my very favorite bakery. The taste is great, but the size of

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Foster Lake, Oregon

Foster Lake, Oregon

More waterfall hunting today. Our campsite at Foster Lake Oregon has acres of open space between Foster Lake (very pretty) and a shallow pond just behind a hedge of BlackBerry bushes. Foster Lake is on Highway 20 between the Williamette Valley and Bend. The nearest town is Sweet Home. Foster Lake is very pretty and

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Boring, Oregon

Mount Hood, Oregon

The day before we arrived at the last campsite, at the east end of the Columbia Gorge, they had a wildfire. This is really getting old. The fire was out, but the airflow, which is normally up the river, from the ocean is still reversed and smoke that covers all of Oregon and Washington goes

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Vernonia Oregon

Logs on Mill Pond and Saw Mill, Historic Photo, Vernonia, Oregon

It is the July 4th holiday and we are camping in a city park. It is very nice here and super convenient. Until I started RVing, I would have never considered camping in a city park in Vernonia Oregon. It just depends on where you are. Logging Town Vernonia, Oregon is a logging town. There

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Northwest Oregon

Columbia River Gorge east of Portland, Oregon

We are loving our time in northwest Oregon. Our route took us from Lincoln City on the Coast to McMinnville and then to the dense forest. The forest is about an hour east of Portland. From there we moved to LL Stub Stewart State Park which is about an hour (in our RV) northwest of

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Coos Bay Oregon

2018 Coos Bay FMCA Rally

We are driving north after spending a week at Coos Bay, Oregon. FMCA had a rally there with seminars and social events. Our next spot will be 60 miles north in a little known campground, with only 15 spots, no services deep in the trees….exactly opposite of the rally.   FMCA Rally The FMCA Rally is

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Honeyman State Park

Umpqua Sand Dunes and Coastline Reedsport Oregon

I expected a rocky coastline in Oregon; instead what we have here at Honeyman State Park are huge sand dunes, many that have been covered with fir trees. We are camping in a huge campground with over 400 spaces carved deep in the forest. I can’t explain the sand dunes except to note that several

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Elkton, Oregon

View from our front window Umpqua River, Elkton, Oregon

We are at Elkton, Oregon and this is the Umpqua River… Another nice view — outside our picture window. The Steelhead (ocean-going Rainbow Trout) are coming up-river, from the ocean, to spawn. When they are moving up-river, they prefer to hold in swifter current, rather than slack water, and this stretch of current is the

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Roseburg, Oregon

Waterfall near Grants Pass Oregon

We went hunting waterfalls yesterday outside of Roseburg, Oregon. Shot a good one. Roseburg is in the mountains south of the Willamette Valley and graced with lots of rain. Ideal for pretty rivers and waterfalls. We are getting spoiled by the green. Of course, that goes with the rain that will start again tonight. This

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Wolf Creek Oregon

Wolf Creek Park, Wolf Creek Oregon

We are currently in a densely wooded park in Wolf Creek, Oregon. The creek is 30 feet from the RV. We seem to have about forty acres to ourselves. One other campsite is occupied 1/4 mile down the road. Wolf Creek is a county park north of Grants Pass on Interstate 5. Wolf Creek was

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Bend Oregon

Snow on the Cascade Mountain Range East of Bend Oregon

After stopping in the middle of Oregon sage country, we drove through Bend, Oregon, south to LaPine State Park in LaPine. The Deschutes River flows through La Pine and Bend, generally from south to north, along the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range all the way to the Columbia River which divides Oregon and

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LaPine State Park

Fall River Near La Pine Oregon

LaPine State Park (correctly spelled without a space) is in a tall pine forest south of Bend.  We were only able to get a four-day reservation. We didn’t know the reason, and couldn’t believe that the park was full, on weekdays, in the middle of May. As a backup plan, I knew that the north

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