Surecall Cell Phone Booster

Surecall Cell Phone Booster

Updated review: Our Surecall cell phone booster has become essential for travel in the east half of the country. This was totally unexpected. Our cell phone coverage by both AT&T and Verizon has been very limited while we have been traveling in the mountains of eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. Both AT&T and Verizon …

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Ultra-Light Camp Chairs

Ultra-light camp chairs

Ultra-Light Camp Chairs: Our new Cascade Mountain Tech Ultra-light camp chairs are new additions to our outside living space. They are new and long-term testing isn’t done. Actually, long-term testing hasn’t even started. They are our new back of the car chairs and we are taking them everywhere and are getting lots of use out …

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Best Burger

Bulldog Burger

Best Burger… the Bulldog Burger is now on the all-time winner’s list for their great Mushroom and Swiss Burger and for their great french fries. Colleges and burgers go together, the Mississippi State Bulldogs provide the namesake for Bulldog Burger in Tupelo (and Starkville) Mississippi. They are masters of burgers and fries. In fact, they …

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Food Desert?

Food Desert?

Food Desert — As we travel we often encounter both outstanding food choices and food deserts. Tucson is not a food desert. In fact, our anniversary dinner uncovered a great downtown restaurant. Great downtown restaurants alone would not create a blog post. We have been to lots of great downtown restaurants. However, having the best …

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Snippet: Who can stay at military campgrounds?

Who can stay at military campgrounds

Who can stay at military campgrounds? All personnel on active duty, most military retirees, some other veterans, and some DOD employees. Roughly the groups are outlined as follows: Active duty and families of active duty — including reserves who are currently on active duty. Gold Star family members, where the service member died in armed …

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Humor from Spam

Humor from spam

Humor from Spam: One of the unanticipated perks of having your own website is sometimes, you get some unexpected humor from spam. Sometimes it is a hoot. Why would people (computers) from all over the world go out of their way to provide such funny comments on this website? (Really I don’t know, the question …

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Snippet: Passport America

Passport America

Snippet: Passport America RV Discount Camping Club can save RVers lots of money for campsites. The campgrounds offer 50% off normal rates for members. It is easy to use and the annual costs are about the same as one night stay at one campground. So stay at two Passport America member campgrounds and the program …

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Snippet: Cell Phone Jammer

Cell Phone Jammer / Space Heater

Snippet: Cell Phone Jammer–You wouldn’t look at this and think that you are looking at a cell phone jammer. But, you would be wrong. This is a cell phone jammer and I tested it and it works perfectly, or rather it jammed our cell phone signal when we didn’t want it jammed. Of course, I …

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Thomas Hammer Coffee

Hammer Coffee

Thomas Hammer Coffee. This is an interesting happening in our travels. For the first time in my life, I think that an advertising gadget worked — on me. Over the years I have picked up pounds of these trinkets at trade shows and I can’t think of anything that I purchased based on a trinket. …

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Snippet: Harvest Host

Campsite Golden Rule Vineyards Willcox Arizona

Snippet: Harvest Host: One of the questions we often get asked is how do we like Harvest Host? Yes, we have a Harvest Host membership. Harvest Host membership for us gives us low price options when we are moving larger distances.  When we are in travel mode an overnight stop at a Harvest Host location …

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Snippet: Travel Slowly

2017 to 2019 Combined Route

Snippet: Travel Slowly (and Stop for a while). So far we have visited every cowboy state (except Kansas and Oklahoma) mostly by secondary highways and back roads. Instead of dashing across the country covering hundreds of miles a day (or so), typically we move every four days. We stop every hundred miles (or so) on …

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We made the cover photo

Family RV magazine cover photo

Snippet: We made the cover photo for Family RVing magazine for the June 2019 issue. Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is a membership association of RVers. They publish a wonderful monthly magazine and they chose my cell phone picture for the cover photo magazine. San Onofre Beach No filters involved. We were at San Onofre …

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RV Water Treatment

Water Filter and Water Softener in Storage Compartment

Bad water “Boy, the water is horrible.”  I don’t remember ever saying that during our first year of RVing full time. I have low standards; but my wife, on the other hand, has high standards. Thus I started my mission to fix the water problem. We have lived with our RV Water Treatment system for a …

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RV Cell phone booster

SureCall Cell Phone Booster and Antenna

Does a cell phone booster work and is it necessary for full-time RV travelers? How important is it, how does it work, when and where is it necessary? A year ago (spring 2018) I was very frustrated with AT&T discount Cricket phone service in the southwest.  We were traveling between Saint George Utah to Cortez …

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