Privacy Policy and disclosures: is our website and was created to help our friends know where we are and what we are doing. The dominant theme is our travels in our RV and what we have done to our RV to travel comfortably.

Your privacy is important to us and we will not share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law.

We will not use, give, or sell your personal information in any form or way to any third parties. 

We do not store your information except to provide you with updates as to our activities.

Website Visitors

Our website may or may not collect information that may or may not be considered valuable. Similar to, but limited to, the browser type, referring site, date, and time of visit.  Our purpose in collecting this information is limited to our understanding of how visitors use this website. This information is for our use only and only if specified in an introduction about specific information will the information be shared with anyone other than us.


All comments are visible to all visitors without our direct control. Please do not make comments that you do not want the entire world to know. WE CANNOT PREVENT UNDESIRABLE CONNECTION OF YOUR COMMENTS TO YOUR IDENTITY.

Do not include personal information in your comments.

Do not promote anything in your comments.

We do not attempt to police your comments or your email addresses but will delete comments for any reason.

When you comment on our website, we will be able to identify your email address but will not share this with anyone.  We may or may not be able to identify your IP address based on the comment but this too will be held in confidence and not shared with anyone.

We do not desire personally identifiable information in your comments. However, we will not delete your comment to attempt to protect your privacy.

Please do not include your last name in the comments you make on our website.

If you decide to share your thoughts on a subject in our comments section we will remove your last name from the comment at our earliest convenience.

Please include your real “first name” (or the name that you are known by), we do not need or desire to use substitutes for your first name.

If you decide to share anything about yourself with us, in private emails we will hold that information in the highest confidence. Your email address(s) will not be shared with any person or business.

We reserve the right to delete any comments for any reason without notifying the author.

We reserve the right to block comments from any author, for any reason, without notifying the author.

About Comments

We love seeing your comments but they are not automatic. I get about twenty spam comments every day and thus I have to turn off automatic comments. I read and then publish every comment personally to protect the blog and keep it on the subject and real. So what this means for you is that you will not see your comment right after you hit submit. Sorry for the delay in publishing your comments. Please know that we love hearing from you.

Unsubscribe at any time for any reason

If you no longer want to receive our email updates feel free to unsubscribe by either responding to our email or by commenting on any blog post.


We may compile statistics about the activities on our blog. Any use of these statistics will not include any personally identifiable information about our users.


Cookies may or may not be used to enhance your user experience. We do not intentionally create cookies or use any information that cookies may or may not be able to create.

Privacy Policy Changes

We do not anticipate any changes to our Privacy Policy but reserve the right to change it as necessary without notice and at our sole discretion.  When and if this happens we will update our Privacy Policy (this page) without notifying anyone about the change.


We do not allow or have any advertisements on our website. We do not anticipate changing this policy and think that even though advertisement revenue may offset the cost of operation we intentionally desire to bear this cost without advertisements because we think it distracts from the user experience. If we accept gifts that could potentially offset operating costs it is at our sole discretion and does not and will not create an endorsement.


We do not promote or sell anything.

Endorsements and gifts

We do not endorse anything. We do not guarantee or take any responsibility for any product.

We will tell you about the things we have done, including when businesses give us products to use, and possibly describe in our blog. Receipt of such a product does not create a guarantee of endorsement or even a mention in the blog that we have been given a product to evaluate. We do not endorse but rather describe products that you may or may not desire. If you decide to purchase these products, we do not receive anything in return. We do not take any responsibility for the performance of any products.

We do not exclude the possibility that we may receive gifts from people who may want to influence your decisions. We make no promise to them about any review — positive or negative. When a product is provided to us without charge, we will tell you how we got it and then honestly evaluate it and may or may not publish any thoughts about the value of the product. We do not perform direct comparisons to other like products.


Occasionally we may create outside links to products or other items that we think that you would like to know about. Links to other products or websites do not create an endorsement. We do not profit by your use of any links.

Anonymous Access

If you do not consent to any data collection you may access this website without disclosing your personal data, however, the responsibility to remain anonymous is the responsibility of the user.

User Logs and data retention

Computers hosting our website may or may not create visitor logs. We do not knowingly create such logs. We do not control nor do we knowingly access such logs. Since we do not create such logs we also don’t have any ability to delete such logs and have no control over data retention.

Contacting Us 

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy or you wish to unsubscribe from our site and services you may contact us via our email address or make an unsubscribe request by commenting on any of our blog posts.

We choose to not disclose our personal street address. Attempts to contact us via our street address will not produce a timely response (after all we are and will be traveling).