New Mexico

End of Year Review – 2021

2021 End of Year Review

This is our end-of-year review. Where did we go and what did we do in 2021? (The states we visited in 2021 are above this paragraph next to the date.) What amazing things did we see along the way? In 2021 we added eleven new states to our route map. Other than Louisana we spent …

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Storming Arizona

Storming Arizona

Storming Arizona describes both our stay in Arizona and how we left Arizona. We have never traveled so far so fast. Now it is warm. I was telling friends that we were going to slow down when it got warm. The last few days were in the 70s, and then it was more than 80. …

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Attacked by Hummingbirds

Hummingbird Sugerite Canyon Raton New Mexico

Sugarite Canyon Attacked by hummingbirds.  Every try to take a picture of a hummingbird? Not easy.  Too fast. We moved from the valley between Santa Fe and Chama New Mexico and made an extra-long (for us) drive to Sugarite Canyon just to the east of Raton NM. Today we entered Colorado (just a couple miles …

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Albuquerque to Chama

Campsite View Abiquiu Lake Gallina New Mexico

Between Albuquerque and Chama is the prettiest place in New Mexico that we have found. The picture is from Abiquiu Lake and has been featured in many paintings. Kasha – Katuwe Near Cochiti Lake we found a newer National Monument named Kasha – Katuwe Tent Rocks. The rocks are made of soft(er) pumice from a …

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Ghost Ranch Splendor

Campsite Abiquiu Lake Gallina New Mexico

It seems the further north we go the more we like it. In the last two weeks, we went from a gravel parking lot in Albuquerque to Cochiti Lake. Then we went a little further north to Abiquiu Lake (pictures) for a very nice week except for the rainy days.  We traded wind for rain …

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Still in New Mexico

Church Fort Stanton Capitan New Mexico

Yes, we are still in New Mexico. We had enough fun in eastern New Mexico. Nice lakes but a constant spring wind made for wetter kayak rides unless we caught the wind just right.  So we re-routed to Albuquerque. The first picture is chapel at Fort Stanton, the second picture is Heron Lake. Nothing special about …

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Lakes in New Mexico

View Bottomless Lakes State Park New Mexico

Lakes in East New Mexico . I didn’t know there were lakes in east New Mexico until I started planning our route. As you may have noticed the route has been stopping near water whenever possible. Mostly we are following the Pecos River north. History of the area includes stories about Kit Carson, Pat Garrett …

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Campsite Review: Valley of Fires Campground

Campsite Review: Valley of Fires Campground

Campsite Review: Valley of Fires Campground on an unburned island in the middle of a lava field in south-central New Mexico. The campground is operated by the Bureau of Land Management. About 5000 years ago Little Black Peak (to the north) erupted it combined with lava forced up through a rift flooded the Tularosa Basin …

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Trinity Site

Photo Trinity Site Memorial White Sands Missile Range New Mexico

We have been to a few places more remote, but none harder to get to than this. Trinity Site, New Mexico is hard to get to. Yesterday, we drove through 50 miles of unoccupied sagebrush, save for a few cows, then even the sage gave out to 20 miles of alkaline grass. The location was …

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Valley of Fires

Campsite Valley of Fires New Mexico

From our perch on a ridge top at Valley of Fires BLM Campground surrounded by lava fields only 5000 years old, we again are going to have a windy day. I point out that the Lava is only 5000 years old, because, with the exception of active volcanos, 5000 years old is very recent. There …

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Bottomless Lakes State Park

View Bottomless Lakes State Park New Mexico

We spent the week near Roswell, at Bottomless Lakes State Park, and are now moving west back towards White Sands Missile Range. Bottomless Lakes was named because even after tying several ropes together, the cowboys at the time were never able to measure the depth. The lakes we’re caused by several caverns that roof caved …

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Campsite Review: White Sands Missile Range

Campsite Review White Sands Missile Range

Campsite Review: White Sands Missile Range (Volunteer Park Travel Campground) is a military-only campground located on White Sands Missile Range Army Post. It is a very nice, very quiet place. While traveling on U.S. Highway 70 east of Las Cruces New Mexico turn south on Owens Road (NMSR – 213) to enter the main gate …

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White Sands Missile Range

Campsite White Sands Missile Range White Sands New Mexico

Turtle Mode at White Sands Missile Range We are in full turtle mode….in the worst weather I have experienced other than a full-on blizzard in Colorado. (Including hurricanes & typhoons) Turtle mode means we have pulled in the slides and are camping without our typical comfort. Our location is east of Las Cruces and north …

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Rockhound State Park

Campsite Rockhound State Park Deming New Mexico

Our spot at Rockhound State Park looks more exposed than it is. Only 21 RV campsites further down the road past our site. It’s not actually a designated spot, but they were all taken at 9:30 am and the ranger said it was ours. It really looks like we are camping on a highway or …

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Navajo Lake State Park

Campsite Navajo Lake Farmington New Mexico

We made it to New Mexico and are staying at Navajo Lake State Park on the San Juan River. Nice campground, with cell service and electricity. The first picture is one of the many thousand-year-old ruins nearby between here and Farmington.  I had hoped for a picture of the river, or of the reservoir, but …

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