End of Year Review – 2021

2021 End of Year Review

This is our end-of-year review. Where did we go and what did we do in 2021? (The states we visited in 2021 are above this paragraph next to the date.) What amazing things did we see along the way? In 2021 we added eleven new states to our route map. Other than Louisana we spent

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Downtown Knoxville

We have been knocking around Knoxville for almost three weeks and have a pretty good feel for spring in Knoxville. We really like it. Since tax day is around the corner, (we just filed yesterday) I am in a numbers mood — so in three weeks we have traveled 155 miles and been to five

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Tennessee Waterfalls

Tennessee Waterfall Old Stone State Park

I had several titles for this post but Tennessee Waterfalls easily became the winner after looking at the pictures. The top photo was taken at Old Stone Fort State Park. We walked to this waterfall and the others in the park from our campsite. Old Stone Fort State Park was our second stop in Tennessee.

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