It is not our vacation, it is our life.

I think that given all the possible RVs we ended up in a very good place with our Tiffin Open Road. 

Our new RV is actually older. We got a 2008 Tiffin Bus. Yes we stayed with Tiffin. Find out why an how we changed.

Like a house RVs can be improved. Our first, biggest and most expensive improvement was adding a solar electrical system.

Since we live full time in our RV we get water from various sources every few days. We filter and soften the water to improve our water quality. 

This new RV water system works much the same as the one I installed in my previous RV. The exception is that every part of it is bigger. 

Cell phones are our primary communication and data source for entertainment.  Everyone knows that cell service varies due to location. We have now lived with a cellphone booster for a year and endorse it. Here is how it works.

We created this site to help our friends with their RV questions. Feel free to ask questions or comment and we will address them to our best abilities.