Month: March 2019

Hueco Tanks Texas

Campsite Hueco Tanks El Paso Texas

We have added Texas to our map. After spending three days in El Paso we pushed east to a huge rock-climbing location called Hueco Tanks Texas. Seems that it used to be a free-for-all and now the Texas State Park system has cracked down, cutting visitors to 70 a day, plus guided operations. Normal campers …

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White Sands Missile Range

Campsite White Sands Missile Range White Sands New Mexico

Turtle Mode at White Sands Missile Range We are in full turtle mode….in the worst weather I have experienced other than a full-on blizzard in Colorado. (Including hurricanes & typhoons) Turtle mode means we have pulled in the slides and are camping without our typical comfort. Our location is east of Las Cruces and north …

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RV Solar Series: Inverter/charger or Inverter & Charger

San Diego California Campground Sunset

Inverter/charger or Inverter & Charger each has some benefits. Separate also has some benefits. Which is better? Which would I choose? Inverters and chargers are actually two different items. Some manufacturers have built chargers into inverters and these units, depending on their design have some advantages over separate units. However, some inverter/charger combinations are not …

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RV Solar Series: Lithium/Lead Acid Final Analysis

San Diego California Campground Sunset

This is my Lithium/Lead Acid Final Analysis where the determination isn’t necessarily all data-driven. Live style makes a big difference in the end result conclusion on the Lead/Lithium debate is going to happen. One of the biggest problems with lead-acid is that they don’t like to give up electricity without a fight. Tell this to …

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RV Solar Series: Batteries Lead or Lithium

San Diego California Campground Sunset

Battery choice is a critical part of living with an RV solar battery charger. Battery design determines success or failure. The question comes down to Batteries Lead or Lithium. The first question that the RV Solar Series needs to address pertaining to batteries is that there are two types of batteries. Batteries that created to …

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Solar report:

Tiffin RV 34TGA Solar Panels 700 watt

We have gathered data on electricity used in our RV and have compiled a solar report to analyze the actual results. We still have issues of understanding what is going on, but overall we are thrilled. Yesterday was the true test and we did really well. Data to follow. Starting last spring we monitored battery …

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Rockhound State Park

Campsite Rockhound State Park Deming New Mexico

Our spot at Rockhound State Park looks more exposed than it is. Only 21 RV campsites further down the road past our site. It’s not actually a designated spot, but they were all taken at 9:30 am and the ranger said it was ours. It really looks like we are camping on a highway or …

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Boondocking at a Winery

Campsite Golden Rule Vineyards Willcox Arizona

We are boondocking at a winery. This is not a country road in Arizona, but rather a vineyard. Behind our camp for the night are the grapes. Behind that pistachio trees. I did not figure on finding wine in Arizona, but here we are, camping in a vineyard. We are southwest of Willcox at least …

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