FoxRVTravel Campsite Reviews

FoxRVTravel Campsite Reviews: Use this map and find out where we have been, and what we think about each place — CLICK ON THE TENT SYMBOL representing the location. When you do this, the place name will popup and then if you select the code in the popup, it will open our review of that place. 

Of course, you can move the map by dragging and zoom the map using the +/- keys or by scrolling with your mouse. By selecting full screen, you can even make the map cover your entire screen. 

In addition to location and driving directions to the campsite, we have the details associated with each location. The details section includes which spot we stayed in and what we paid to stay there. What services were available?  Did our cell phones work?

The Campsite Reviews also include what I call OBSERVATIONS. These observations are the real meat of the review and only shared on our website with our campsite reviews you get the insider info. Which spots are the best spots? Which spots are not good? 

Our BONUS section includes what great things you can do at each location. What to visit while you are there. 

The final section includes our CAUTION section.  What we wish we knew before we arrived at each location (assuming this applies).  Included after that are layout maps and satellite photography to help you orient your picks of each camping spot. 

Or you could click on the OUR ROUTES section at the top of the page to find out how we got to each place along the way. 

Of course, our blog sequence also has the Campsite Reviews filled in, at each step as we continue our journey.

I didn’t want to review campsites until I felt I had enough experience to do them justice. So now, since I waited, I have a big back-log of locations to review, it is going to take a little time before this is up to date. Making the FoxRVTravel Campsite Reviews section has been fun. I hope that you find it helpful.