April 2019

Lakes in New Mexico

View Bottomless Lakes State Park New Mexico

Lakes in East New Mexico . I didn’t know there were lakes in east New Mexico until I started planning our route. As you may have noticed the route has been stopping near water whenever possible. Mostly we are following the Pecos River north. History of the area includes stories about Kit Carson, Pat Garrett […]

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Trinity Site

Photo Trinity Site Memorial White Sands Missile Range New Mexico

We have been to a few places more remote, but none harder to get to than this. Trinity Site, New Mexico is hard to get to. Yesterday, we drove through 50 miles of unoccupied sagebrush, save for a few cows, then even the sage gave out to 20 miles of alkaline grass. The location was

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Valley of Fires

Campsite Valley of Fires New Mexico

From our perch on a ridge top at Valley of Fires BLM Campground surrounded by lava fields only 5000 years old, we again are going to have a windy day. I point out that the Lava is only 5000 years old, because, with the exception of active volcanos, 5000 years old is very recent. There

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