October 2019

Oregon South Coast

20191028 160638

The halfway point on the Oregon Coast is the Umpqua River. Everything north of the Umpqua River is considered the Oregon North Coast and everything south of the Umpqua river is considered the Oregon South Coast. We are staying at the Umpqua Dunes — Douglas County RV Park, just south of the Umpqua Dunes State …

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Stormy on the Oregon Coast

Cape Disappointment Light House Waves Crashing Washington Coast

We are experiencing a true-life situation; similar to the Lewis and Clark Expedition at nearly the same location (of course, our living conditions are much more refined). The waves are high and the weather is stormy on the Oregon Coast.  We are further west than where Lewis and Clark built Fort Clatsop and closer to …

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Boring Oregon

Mount Hood view Sandy Oregon

Boring – Oregon is really the name of the town and we love it. Mount Hood After you get to the west side of Mount Hood, as we anticipated everything is green. We are just north of the “official” end of the Oregon Trail, which we visited while we were here.  The pioneers started fanning …

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