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Waiting for Repair

Yesterday was not a good day on wheels.

We’re stuck. No starter. We are broken down waiting for repair. We are still at our friend’s house. No jiggling of the gear shifter is getting me out of this one. Willy the local mobile mechanic came over with his repair truck and diagnosis was a break between the starter and solenoid. Willy knew, that it may have started, had he tapped the starter with a hammer, but who knows how long this trick would work.

So instead of departing this morning, we fought with it ourselves and then called for help. By the time we got done waiting for repair we just spent the night.

My previous brilliant way to start the RV, which worked on the Nevada / Idaho border, was not as brilliant as I had concluded.  I just got lucky.

Small town network

So, Joel called a neighbor that he knew was in town, and Don picked up a new starter from the auto parts store and delivered it his way home. Willy made the install during the twilight and the RV started right up.

So were not going anywhere tonight, even though it is fixed.

We leveled the coach, and spread the slides, just as if we just arrived at a new campsite, but because we were not using our checklists, I forgot to turn the propane back on and it got really cold last night. We will be leaving this morning, right it warms up.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Boise to Las Vegas.

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10 thoughts on “Waiting for Repair”

  1. Dennis and Karen

    Always something!! We are waiting for new batteries, the new fridge and a part of the aqua hot. This RV life is expensive!!!

  2. Glad you resolved that starter issue. Sounds like you’re ready to roll. “On the road again…I just can’t wait to get on the road again”.

    1. Some RVs are better than others. We have two propane furnaces a heat pump and an electric heater. The problem is they are drafty and poorly insulated. Kind of like a school bus.

    1. We will be in Death Valley on Thursday. When we get to Vegas, we will be looking to buy a car. My daughter is going to get our Acura. Keep your eye out for a small SUV. The problem is many you can’t tow behind an RV. New = new to us.

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