Richard, Tami, Allison, Clark at Tami's Birthday Party 2018

Tami’s birthday surprise

After Death Valley, I planned our route to be in Las Vegas for Tami’s birthday. I started planning her birthday party three months ago, getting the plan in order. The plan was to meet at her brother’s house on Tami’s birthday. Going to your brother’s house on your birthday doesn’t make for a surprise party. How many surprises can you get when we go to your brother’s house on your birthday? After that, we were going to go out to dinner.

Updated June 2024 to include our route to Las Vegas

Tami’s birthday

The above picture was taken at Tami’s birthday party. Tami’s youngest brothers and sister (pictured) could be there. We were hosted by Richard (Tami’s other brother standing next to Tami) and his wife, Betsey.

Allison, Tami’s sister, came from Provo to attend Tami’s birthday party. Clark, Tami’s brother (far right), was also there. Tami didn’t know that her sister would be at the party. Allison was upstairs when we arrived at Richard’s house. When Allison heard us talking downstairs, Allison called Tami on the phone. Cell phones made this surprise work.

Although it was not a surprise party, there was a surprise involved. Allison surprised Tami by calling her on the phone just after walking into the house. While talking to Tami on the phone, she was cree[ping up on Tami from behind. Tami thought that she was only hearing Allison on the phone, but it was pretty clear to the rest of us, facing Allison, that the gag worked. So, it was a surprise on her birthday—a surprise that her sister was there.

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Mesquite Springs, Death Valley

Death Valley National Park

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Boise to Las Vegas.

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