Our new (to us) toad (tow car) Subaru Forester

New Toad

Another RV term is “Toad” which means a car towed behind the RV. The word is used in a sentence as if “What kind of toad do you have?” Our old toad was an Acura, very nice and we got it already with the necessary equipment to tow behind the RV. The Acura had one problem, it was a city-go-fast-low-rider, and I have proved many times that I can’t stay on the pavement, even with the RV so a higher standing toad was high on my improvement list.

I have been looking at this car online for a month now; it is a 2016 Subaru Forester with a very rare manual transmission. It is already set up with a Roadmaster tow kit so that we don’t have to do any major modifications to be able to tow it. I need to modify the wiring so that our brake buddy will work.

We parked the RV in Pahrump and drove to Las Vegas to purchase the car, and then back to Pahrump heading to Death Valley tomorrow.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Boise to Las Vegas.

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