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Hurricane winds at White Sands Missile Range

We are in full turtle mode at White Sands Missile Range….in the worst weather I have experienced other than a full-on blizzard in Colorado (Including hurricanes & typhoons). Turtle mode means that like a turtle we have pulled in the slides and are camping without our typical comfort.

Our location is east of Las Cruces and north of El Paso at the White Sands Missile Range RV campground. White Sands National Monument is east. Nice place this morning, although the wind was bad last night. Starting at 2 pm wind up to 70 knots started bouncing the house and proved to us how many drafts we really have. Rainwater is coming up from below and entering the RV from every location not sealed.

View, White Sands Missile Range after the storm
View, White Sands Missile Range after the storm


The trailer in this picture was moving slowly across the parking lot dragging it’s post along the way. I could understand it but the wind was directly from the mountains in the picture, making it a crosswind to the trailer. On one of my few trips outside, I put rocks behind the wheels to stop it from moving. Had it reached the ditch on the left side of the picture, I was afraid that it might tip over. Along the edge of the mountains on this side, there is a pine forest. we were treated to 70 mph pine cones coming across this parking lot.

I stored the kayaks under the RV and slowly they are getting away. A colony of ants has decided that our RV is on higher ground. I don’t expect a break until tomorrow evening at the earliest. We will make it hopefully without damage assuming the shade structure next to the RV doesn’t fail.

Colorado will get the storm soon.

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45 thoughts on “Hurricane winds at White Sands Missile Range”

  1. We had major wind a few days ago. Felt like the 5th wheel was being ripped apart. 2 days of it. Hope you guys are ok.

  2. to Stephnie

    I’m really over this storm. Been rocking just like as if we were driving all day. I’m getting car sick. Trailer in this picture rolled 25 yards before I chocked the wheels.

  3. Dennis and Karen

    Wow, stay hunkered down! They have already announced all of the schools are closed tomorrow around here. Looks like you are doing the right thing. Who knew rhe desert this time of year has typhoons!

  4. to Dennis and Karen

    We’re rocking, just like as if we were driving. And most of the weight is in the jacks. Other than that everything is OK.

  5. Dennis and Karen

    When will this weather pass? You are right to be a turtle and stay put! We have snow and wind right now, it rained up until 9:30 then turned to snow. They are predicting two inches an hour for the rest of the day. Have a snow shovel at the ready!

  6. to Dennis and Karen

    Slide toppers are the reason we are turtle. Still, the wind is getting under them. Anti billowing stoppers work.

  7. to Dennis and Karen

    It was a recycling trailer. Had a post in the front. Nice track in the pavement. It was crosswind but still moved. I’m glad it didn’t roll over.

  8. You were smart to bring the slides in. Wind like that could do some damage. A lot of snow is predicted for the front range tonight. We’ve had enough in the high country. Had to cancel a sleigh ride last week due to too much snow too quickly.

  9. Hope you guys survive! Maybe tonight the wind won’t blow the whole RV down. Awesome job on the trip so far by the way I can’t wait to see another slideshow of your recent adventures!

  10. All’s well that ends well.
    Good thing you were not in any Conestoga prairie schooner.
    We are also getting a break on the weather calling for 7 days of sun, no rain, and 60’s deg.

  11. to Chaz

    The low-pressure area is over Kansas sucking moist air north across east Texas. We are actually on the good side of the storm. Our wind is the replacement air. In the north and west, they have the wind with lots of snow. Colorado is in a blizzard.

  12. Glad to hear. Those leaky areas if they can be sealed should also make your vehicle quieter and the conditioned air more efficient.

  13. to Aron

    We can’t seal most of the be air entry points.

    The biggest problem was the microwave vent. Other vents we’re designed into the coach including outside air that was coming in the dashboard.

    Nature of the beast.

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