Deschutes Rive, Bend Oregon

Sisters LaPine and Bend

We stayed at Sisters, then LaPine followed by Bend in that order, all while waiting for our repair.


What a wonderful place Sisters. Our campsite was in the city park and we could and did walk to downtown, to what is now my very favorite bakery. The taste is great, but the size of each item is unbelievable. We got an apple fritter that was the size of a dinner plate that lasted us four mornings with coffee.

Waterfall near Foster, Oregon
Waterfall near Foster, Oregon

We were in Sisters when we visited the Blue Pool in the previous post and while in Sisters, we sold our kayaks. The guy who purchased them drove nearly 100 miles to come to get them. We had been carrying the kayaks all year and didn’t use them once. I had them for years and the cool thing about them was that they were hardcore inflatable river kayaks.

I have used the kayaks often but not on this trip. The reason that I never used them is that they take two full days to dry. Eugene, Bend or Boise was the best place, perhaps in the country to sell them and I forgot to offer them for sale in Eugene. I figured that someone would drive from Bend to Sisters to buy them. The day I advertised them in Craigslist they were gone. He brought his daughters with him and they were negotiating who was going to get which boat.

Deschutes Rive, La Pine Oregon
Deschutes River, La Pine Oregon

My kayak plan is to get some inexpensive “Tupperware” boats that I can put on the car wet when we get to southern California.

LaPine State Park

From Sisters, we went to LaPine State Park, the same place we loved from our visit in May. We are in the same campground, waiting for our spot in the shop to open up and just enjoying the wait. The biggest difference in LaPine is that it hasn’t rained in three months so all the lush grass is much browner and the trails are now all dusty. Fall is here, time to leave. The trees are all turning color and photos are turning out great.

Deschutes Rive, Bend Oregon
Deschutes River, Bend Oregon


Then we got to spend two nights camping at the RV shop in Bend. They parked us outside the shop and then we left in the morning to allow them to work on it. We didn’t have to stay the second day, but it was late in the day and we had no place to stay, so we spent the second night there as well.

All of the welds are repaired, just a couple more things to fix in the morning. Our plan is to leave first thing in the morning for Boise…

Here is our Campsite Review for Crooked River Ranch, north of Bend.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Portland to Boise

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    1. Almost. When you are still at the shop 1.5 hours before closing. Even if they finish, looks like another night in the parking lot.

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