Tamolitch Falls, Blue Pool on the McKenzie River

Tamolitch Falls, Blue Pool

This is the Tamolitch Falls called the Blue Pool on the McKenzie River, near Sisters Oregon. The falls are dry because the water filters into the porous lava rock under the pre-historic path of the river. In wetter times of the year, not all the water flows underground and cascades over the edge of the pool. At this time of year, all the water comes up from underground to fill the pool and feed the river. This is not a small trickle the river downstream has plenty of water in it.

Tamolitch Falls, Blue Pool on the McKenzie River
Blue Pool on the McKenzie River

After spending 13 to 26 years underground, being filtered by lava rock it bubbles up in this location at 37-38 degrees — too cold for micro-organisms and not exposed to sunlight, so no algae growth. Or this may be the source of Windex.

Tamolitch Falls, Blue Pool on the McKenzie River
Blue Pool on the McKenzie River

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

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11 thoughts on “Tamolitch Falls, Blue Pool”

    1. It does have minerals, just no biology. No plants and no fish. The water is too cold and no bugs for the fish to eat – so no fish. Water exits Clear Lake on the surface and goes into a lava tube and exits the ground at the blue pool.

      The McKenzie River was cut off from the surface by lava, except during exceptionally wet years, and you can walk the old stream bed to this point where it comes back to the surface.

  1. We love your reports! We are getting lessons and information that we never knew before. This makes us put more things on our bucket list!

  2. Such a serene look. I’m anxious to know how the repairs go. We didn’t go camping as hoped. Too much work at home. We are hoping to get away early in October.

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