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Did we get what we wanted?

Did we get what we wanted? We have been living in our new RV exactly one week and we have already gained some insights into what we have purchased. 

This post outlines what we wanted and did we get what we wanted.  Of course, the timeline of the blog is compressed and all of this took over a month to get this far, and I know that I am blasting out these updates as fast as I can, but every one of them is time late.

Where are we?

With regard to our location, we are camping at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. Last night’s rainstorm dropped about an inch of rain, and we don’t seem to have any leaks. This is a major victory. For anyone following us, that doesn’t understand, RV leaks are very hard to find and stop. No leaks — a very good thing.

Did we get what we wanted?

Sure, we wouldn’t have purchased the RV if we didn’t get what we wanted. Here are the answers in the same order as the questions pertaining to our post Looking at RVs.

Wanted and yes we got most of what we wanted.

  • No diesel exhaust fluid: yes
  • 40 feet long, only six wheels: yes
  • Only one toilet: yes
  • Less than 100,000 miles: yes
  • No Driveshaft: yes
  • Tan Paint: yes, looks almost new
  • Air suspension: yes
  • Large tank sizes for fuel, water, and waste: yes
  • Side-mounted radiator: yes
  • Already installed full-size residential refrigerator: yes
  • Already installed washer/dryer: yes
  • AGM sealed batteries: yes
  • Big inverter: yes, love it
  • Warranty: yes, I already submitted the paper to transfer the warranty: yes
  • A private seller with receipts for any repairs and service: yes private seller, yes we have all the receipts
  • Location for two laptop computers (one for me and one for Tami): yes, with room for printers and my old guy monitor
  • Large wheel cut on front wheels with independent front suspension and air suspension: yes

Here is the list of things we didn’t want. Some desires met, some not met.

  • Diesel-powered heating system.  Didn’t want one, didn’t get one.
  • Drapes in the front window: We have no drapes, yeah.
  • Outside TV: We didn’t want, but now we have an outside TV, maybe we will use it someday.
  • Outside front window coverings: Didn’t want, didn’t get.
  • Water and ice in the refrigerator door: We didn’t want, but now we have water and ice in the door.
  • Cell phone booster: Didn’t want one, didn’t get one, already have one, and now we have to figure out how to put it to use.
  • Satellite Antenna:  We didn’t want a satellite TV antenna, now we have one, maybe I can sell it.
  • CB Radio:  Didn’t want one, now we have one, maybe I can sell it.
  • Vented lead-acid batteries: yes we got an RV that doesn’t have vented batteries except to start the engine.
  • Hydraulic leveling jacks: yes.

Other wants, we got some but not all.

  • Bat-wing TV antenna: Didn’t get the bat-wing antenna, instead we have an omnidirectional antenna, I hope it works well.
  • Two bathroom sinks: We wanted two, we got one, this is going to be an adjustment.
  • Wood floor: Didn’t get this one, didn’t even find an RV with wood floors. We have tile.
  • Newer exterior awnings and slide toppers: They aren’t new; I hope they last for a while.
  • Tire pressure monitoring system: We got one, but it is old and I’m not sure it is up to the task.
  • Twin Basement Cargo slides: One is minimum — two is better — we only have one, going to get another one, someday.

Our watch list of possible bad things

  • Water damage: looks fine, some of the wallpaper hasn’t held up over time.
  • Signs of engine overheating:  Our engine looks fine.
  • Wet bay floor repair: The floor was already repaired by under warranty
  • Cracks in the fiberglass roof: also repaired under warranty
  • Service Record: we have the entire service record.

Thanks for your attention; maybe this list was just an exercise for me to avoid buyer’s remorse. We really liked our previous motor home. We really like our new motor home – even more. I do miss the simplicity of the old one but fancy can be nice too.

In case you missed it here is the post where we show off our new (to us) 2008 Tiffin Allegro Bus.

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