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Snippet: GenTuri

Snippet: Gen-Turi (Genturi) is the exhaust chimney your RV generator should have had from the factory. Very nice. In nearly all cases, RV onboard generators vent to the side, from below your RV. The Gen-Turi takes the generator exhaust from below the RV and puts the exhaust above the roof, where the exhaust is less likely to re-enter the RV.

Our RV came with the Gen-Turi purchased by the previous owner and we are happy to have it. The only thing we had to purchase was the suction cups that attach the Gen-Turi bungee cords to our window.

Camco Gen-Turi Bungee and suction cups
Gen-Turi Bungee and suction cups

The Gen-Turi came in three sections and is made from a grey PVC pipe with a steel exhaust extension. The air gap between the steel section mixes the exhaust gasses with additional air to cool the airflow in the chimney and keep the PVC pipe from melting. The steel section of the Gen-Turi gets as hot as a typical exhaust pipe.

Gen-Turi bottom section and air gap
Gen-Turi bottom section and air gap

In our experience the claim of reduced noise from the generator is false. Generator noise from inside the RV and outside is unchanged. However, the claim of putting the exhaust above the RV roofline and therefore less likely to re-enter the RV is 100% true. We can frequently smell our own exhaust when the Gen-Turi is not installed.

Design notes

My only other complaint is that the Gen-Turi design does not prevent a high wind from pushing the exhaust pipe next to the RV. This could be an issue, but it is only reasonable to expect with a wind from the driver’s side of the RV and since we will be here anytime the generator is running, I don’t anticipate this being a problem. Thus, as we said in the Navy, the Gen-Turi is not sailor-proof. The Gen-Turi also blocks access to the door behind the chimney to gain access to that compartment, you need to disassemble the chimney.

Gen-Turi is made by Camco and usually, I am not a fan of Camco products. Typically they make and sell low-end products for a reasonably low price. In this case, the Gen-Turi is a mid-tier product sold at a high price.

Do it yourself

FoxRVTravel-Snippet: Gen-Turi insider info:

I never knew how good having a generator exhaust chimney was and probably would have never installed one. Now that I know how good it is, if I ever need one again, then I would build it myself. If I made one, however, it would have been heavier — which in an RV is not a good thing. Here is a link to a build it yourself generator exhaust. Do it yourself RV I don’t know these people and haven’t read anything else they have done, but to me, this article seems to describe a product just as good as a Gen-Turi at way less than 25% of the retail price of a real Gen-Turi

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