Montana State Parks Pass

Montana State Parks Pass

FoxRVTravel-Snippet: Montana State Parks Pass is for non-Montana Residents. Should you get a Montana State Parks Pass? How much will it cost? Will it save you money? How do you get one and how do you use it.

We didn’t figure this out right away. But it was clear the first time we looked at the fee schedule for access to and camping at a Montana State Park. We needed to get the state park pass.

Montana residents pay nine dollars with their car registration so they don’t need a state parks pass.

The first benefit to the program is unlimited access to state parks without having to pay the entrance fee. Non-residents pay eight dollars per day for the entrance fees.

Here is the link to Montana State Parks Fees

Residents of states, other than Montana can purchase their way into the program and get unlimited access to the state parks for twelve months by buying a Montana State Parks Pass for fifty dollars. The duration is to the end of the month, twelve months after you purchase the pass. Unlike a fishing license, it doesn’t expire on December 31st.

The real big benefit is that for the next twelve months pass holders then pay Montana resident rates at all state parks for camping. This reduces the overnight camping fee by ten dollars each night. So stay in a Montana for five nights and the pass pays for itself. We will be spending twelve nights in Montana State Parks this September so the savings are obvious. If we come back to Montana next summer we will save even more money because our pass discounts are until the end of September.

How do you get one?

The easiest way is to show up at a Montana State Parks office and pay the fee. The more cumbersome way is to make your application online at this link Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks


Discounts are not automatic when making reservations. Online reservations through Reserve America will often not include the ten dollars per day discount. If you don’t get the discount to discuss the matter with the attendant after your arrival at the park and they will issue a refund.

Do not buy your pass until you are ready to use it. Remember the pass expires in twelve months. You will get maximum value from your pass if you make it last as long as possible.

Insider Tip

Remember that you can make reservations at full price and then get a refund of the extra fees on arrival. This way you can have reservations and still get the pass holder price and that way you can make your pass last as long as possible.


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