Campsite Review: Sundance Campground

Campsite Review: Sundance Campground

Campsite Review: Sundance Campground is six miles to the south of the West Glacier entrance to Glacier National Park. It is located north of the tiny town of Coram and the slightly larger town of Hungry Horse on Highway 2. Hungry Horse is big enough to have a post office so I can’t explain why the address is, Columbia Falls. Both Coram and Hungry Horse are next to the small town of Columbia Falls. The reason to go here is to visit Glacier National Park due to its proximity to the park.

This is not a negative review. I won’t be going back only because the campground makes it difficult for me to function in my RV, not because the campground or owners were not nice enough. If you have a big RV make sure to visit and evaluate the campground and sites for your circumstances.

Here is our post about our stay Glacier National Park is Majestic


Website: None that I can find

Address: 10545 Hwy 2 E, Columbia Falls, MT 59912 sometimes 10545 Hwy 2 East Coram, MT 59913

Link to Google Map for the area: Sundance Campground RV Park

Phone Number/Reservations: (406) 387-5016

Dates stayed: August 24-30, 2020

Comfort: Temperatures were nice. Trees provided shade every day during our stay.

Elevation: 3230′

Season: Mid May – September

Price Paid: $48/night Water and electric pull through

Our Site: #30

Hook-ups: Water and electric

Dump station: Yes

Restrooms: Yes

Shower: Yes

Laundry: Yes

Potable Water: Yes

Water to fill your RV storage tank: Yes

Cell service: Verizon – Good Service / AT&T – weak signal


Campsite Review: Sundance Campground insider info:

During our stay, the owner offered us a discount of seven nights for the price of six, but we didn’t stay an extra day. The owner also has monthly rates and season rates if you are so inclined.

Location, Location, Location. This is the reason there is a campground here. This isn’t a campground to go to because you are looking for a resort. It is a good place to stop with some of the lowest prices near Glacier National Park. I can’t dispute the location or the owner’s spirit of turning a stand of pine trees into a money-making operation.

Speaking of location if you are on the east side there is some road noise. Everyone gets to hear the train blow his whistle almost hourly all night long. It didn’t disturb us but would be a big problem in a tent.

Sundance Campground with the train tracks
Sundance Campground with the train tracks to the northwest

Family Owned

This RV park is an on-going family effort. Most of the pine trees and many of the stumps have been removed to make room for RVs. We fit into the pull-though site after some maneuvering, but it was tight. The site was not long enough for our RV and car, only our RV. However, it seemed that the owner was watching out for us and didn’t rent the site to our east side and essentially gave us a double site so we could park our car. He also didn’t rent out the site to the west of us, which we feared because the fire ring for the site to our west was right next to the front wheel of our RV.

Sundance Campground RV Park
Campsite Review: Sundance Campground 9

We had plenty of room to pull out our slides, but not to walk around our RV with the slides out.

Sundance Campground RV Park
Campsite Review: Sundance Campground 10
Sundance Campground RV Park
Campsite Review: Sundance Campground 11

Another problem with our site was that we had to back out of our pull-through site because of the limited maneuvering room in front of our RV.

Sundance Campground RV Park
Campsite Review: Sundance Campground 12

Just to make it clear, most of our problems at Sundance RV are caused by the size of our RV and were not insurmountable. It just required extra work. We were not the biggest RV in the campground, but we met the guy with a bigger RV and his plan is to back the RV out the way he came in.

The owner has a wagon (yes a wagon) that he drives around to pump out the RVs holding tanks — free for him it much cheaper than putting in a sewer system for full hookup sites.

We used the dump station, but that was a real challenge. First, it is down the hill to the west and we had limited maneuvering room to enter the dump station.


Make sure to survey the area around the dump station to evaluate your use before you decided use it. It is down a hill with a tight turn at the bottom.


Nearly all the campsites are pull-through for smaller RVs. Tents are found in a few of the sites interspersed among the RVs as they become available.


If you have a big RV and want less difficulty at a higher price you might consider the KOA also about the same distance to the National Park. If you have a smaller RV and prefer there are several Forest Service Campgrounds near Hungry Horse Reservoir.

Layout & Satellite Views

Sundance Campground Satellite View
Sundance Campground Satellite View

That is our campsite review of the Sundance Campground. Here is our link to our interactive map. Campsite Reviews

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