Campsite Review: Montana Basecamp Campground

Campsite Review: Montana Basecamp Campground

Campsite Review: Montana Basecamp Campground is at the south end of Kalispell Montana north of Flathead Lake and southwest of Glacier National Park. The RV park is located at the corner of Highway 93 and south Highway 93 (Alt). This location is very convenient. Highway 93 (Alt) is a bypass type highway that routes traffic around the city of Kalispell.

When traveling south of Kalispell on Highway 93 turn west at the light on Highway 93 (Alt) for one block to the first traffic circle and turn south at the “roundy-round”. From there turn west on Basecamp road into the Park.

The layout of the park is one main street that runs north/south with RV sites on both sides of the road. At the end of the road is an ample turn around to return to the entrance. There are 62 sites in the park.

Here is a link to our post about staying in and what we did while staying at Montana Base Camp. Montana Remote


Website: Montana Basecamp

Address: 1000 Basecamp Drive, Kalispell, Montana 59901

Link to Google Map for the area: Montana Basecamp

Phone Number/Reservations: (406) 756-9999

Dates stayed: August 15-19, 2020

Comfort: Temperatures were nice in the evening and at night. In the direct sun, the temperatures were hot during the day.

Elevation: 2900′

Season: Year-round, although temperatures in the winter are very cold in Kalispell.

Price Paid: $63 per night

Our Site: #38

Hook-ups: Full

Dump station: No

Restrooms: Yes

Shower: Yes

Laundry: Yes

Potable Water: Yes

Water to fill your RV storage tank: Yes

Cell service: Verizon – good service / AT&T – good service


Campsite Review: Montana Basecamp Campground insider info:

We scored the very best campsite at Montana Basecamp which is #38 at the very end of the loop. The number one reason is that we have no neighbors on the west side. On the east side, we have about 20 feet to the next RV. The circle is also much wider than the road, thus the neighbors across the street are a long way away. The downside of this site of site #38 is that it is a long walk to the restroom. Since each site on the main road are directly across from each other and not slanted very much, there is very little stager to the RVs. The downside of this design is that each RV is side by side. The upside for us is that we get very little turn around traffic. RVs are able to pull out without using the turnaround.

Montana Basecamp
Montana Basecamp

In the late afternoon, the only sites with shade on the passenger side are #37 and #38. Sites on the east side of the road would have shade in the morning. Sites on the west side of the road would don’t have hardly any shade. I would avoid sites on the west side of the road, assuming that you will be here in the summer.


A train runs through it, not anymore. The train track has been converted to The Great Northern Trail. This is a rail to trail conversion bicycle path. The Trail was right behind our RV. In fact, the Great Northern Trail goes for miles and miles, in each direction.

About ten miles away is Foy’s Lake, which is spring-fed with super clear water. The water is very pretty. We launched our kayaks from Foy’s Lake Park from a sandy beach for a wonderful morning paddle.

Foy's Lake
Foy’s Lake


Just to the northeast of the RV park is a log home builder. This operation has the potential to create plenty of noise. From our location in the very south part of the park, this was of no concern for us.

This is a very new RV park. Each tree is about 12 feet high, in ten years there will be shade and it will be very pretty. Right now the park doesn’t have any shade.

Kalispell is a wonderful city, but it is not right next door to Glacier National Park. Montana Basecamp is on the opposite side of the city. Montana Basecamp is also not right next door to Flathead Lake. Look at the location before deciding that this location is ideal. Perhaps you can say it is about halfway between each.

Also, not a concern for us, is that the park is open year-round. Kalispell gets very cold and unless your RV has heated plumbing then you risk freezing your pipes. Even then it is very likely that your water hose would freeze unless heated. Your sewer hose will also freeze solid. You might consider winterizing your RV water systems and only using the bathhouses in the winter.

Layout & Satellite Views

Montana Basecamp Layout
Montana Basecamp Layout showing only the best sites. The rest are further north.
Montana Basecamp Satellite View
Montana Basecamp Satellite View, I will replace this in the future with an updated satellite view but for now, this is the only available image. Let me know if you read this and find a updated satellite view.

That is our campsite review of the Montana Basecamp Campground. Here is our link to our interactive map. Campsite Reviews

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