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Pearrygin Lake State Park

Fire is raining ash on my parade. By that I mean a real forest fire is burning just to the west and is hot enough to put a huge amount of ash and smoke into the air. The smoke has clouded out the sun and the ashes are dropping from the sky all over the campground.  The fire is nearly 30 miles away but we are in the fallout.

Pearrygin Lake smoke from fires Aug 2018
Pearrygin Lake smoke from fires Aug 2018

Winthrop Washington

Pearrygin Lake is just north of the town of Winthrop Washington. Pearrygin Lake State Park is a very popular as a play spot for boating and waterskiing. The lake is too popular for my tastes. At the lake, we have zero cell service and have to go into town to send texts. (Verizon and ATT tested.)

Winthrop Washington is all made up like a cow town. The entire town is very weathered to have an old west look. To the west is Washington pass and I think it is closed all winter due to heavy snow. It is very pretty.

Washington Pass near Ross Lake National Recreation Area
Washington Pass near Ross Lake National Recreation Area

Our next planned stop was Omak, Washington. This all changed today when we learned that Omak is going to have a stampede. I learned that a stampede is a Rodeo and that it was the biggest Rodeo of the year in eastern Washington.  This precludes our staying at the fairgrounds.  So we need a new plan. Included in the plan we need to find a place to outrun this smoke.

Perhaps crossing east Washington in August wasn’t a bright idea.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Jim Creek to Portland

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5 thoughts on “Pearrygin Lake State Park”

  1. Dennis and Karen

    Be careful out there, breathing that smoke is bad for you! The pass looks so clear! And very pretty!

  2. Beautiful picture. The fallout from the fires is amazing. We are even getting some smoke in Las Vegas from the California fires.

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