Campsite Review: Grand Coulee Campground

Campsite Review: Grand Coulee Campground

Campsite Review: Grand Coulee Campground is located at the north end of the City of Grand Coulee just west of Highway 174. Its location just west of Grand Coulee Dam. Grand Coulee is about the center point of eastern Washington. The RV park is close to Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area.

Here is our blog post about our stay in Northeast Washington.


Website: Grand Coulee RV Park

Address: 22718 WA-174 E, Grand Coulee, WA 99133

Link to Google Map for the area: Grand Coulee RV Park

Phone Number/Reservations: (509) 633-0750

Dates stayed: July 16, 2020

Price: $33 per night, plus taxes. Full hookups 50 amp service.


Campsite Review: Grand Coulee Campground insider info:

Grand Coulee RV Park is a fine place to spend a night or two.

All the RVs in the satellite photo to the east and south of the northwest level are occupied by more permanent residents.

The surface is small gravel and the site layout is on three levels, which can’t be seen from the satellite view. Our spot was to the northwest of the picture at about the center of the upper level. It was the highest point in the RV park.

In the summer, Grand Coulee Washington is hot every day. Our air conditioner didn’t turn off until about 10 pm.

We also did a drive-by of the three RV parks in Grand Coulee and the Spring Canyon Campground. From our observations, each has several disadvantages that make Grand Coulee about equal in terms of value and comfort. Spring Canyon Campground would be nearly impossible to fit our RV in, and we couldn’t run our air conditioner because the campground does not include electric hookups.


We didn’t get the bonus which would have been the activities at the Grand Coulee Dam including the nightly laser show.

We also didn’t see the deer that laid tracks around the campground in the middle of the night. Based on the track sizes, they were huge.

Layout & Satellite Views

FoxRVTravel-Campsite Review: Grand Coulee RV Park Satellite View
FoxRVTravel-Campsite Review: Grand Coulee RV Park Satellite View

That is our campsite review of the Grand Coulee Campground. Here is our link to our interactive map. Campsite Reviews

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