Campsite Review: Wenberg Campground

Campsite Review: Wenberg Campground

Campsite Review: Wenberg Campground is in northwest Washington, north of Everette, and west of Arlington. Wenberg Park is operated by Snohomish County but was first developed as a Washington State Park. The park is on the east side of Lake Goodwin and very popular with local campers on the weekend.

Snohomish County renovated the lakeshore facilities finishing in 2019. The camping area remains much as designed by Washington State.

Snohomish County turned Wenberg County Park into a gem by upgrading the entire waterfront on the east side of Lake Goodwin.  The campground, with the exception of our location in the meadow, was too tight for our RV and during the weekend was crowded with families. Come Sunday afternoon we had the place to ourselves.

Here is our blog post about our stay in Northwest Washington.


Website: Wenberg County Park, for reservations — Online Reservations

Address: 15430 E Lake Goodwin Rd, Stanwood, WA 98292

Link to Google Map for the area: Wenberg Park

Phone Number/Reservations: (425)-388-6600

Dates stayed: June 25 – June 30, 2020

Price: $35 per night, plus “transaction” fee.

Hook-ups: 30/50 amp electric, water, sewer. Depends on site.

Cell service: Verizon and AT&T – good signal


Campsite Review: Wenberg Campground insider info:

Using satellite view makes, site selection, other than sites #1-10 impossible due to the tree cover. Sites #18 -29 have some possibilities for RVs but the restricted maneuvering room eliminates this selection by most large RVs. To use sites #18-29 I would recommend personal scouting before arriving. On the weekend, Loop #2 and especially #3 are crowded with people and vehicles.

Lack of maneuvering room makes sites #1-10 a challenge for large RVs. Site #10 was designed as a pull-through, but our RV would have never made the turn so to exit we had to back up and then had to make a multi-point turn to exit the same direction that we entered.

Tree cover in Loops #2 and #3 makes solar impossible. Loop #1 would work but is unnecessary due to the electrical hookups.

Rain is a real probability at Wenberg (maybe even more than other places in northwest Washington) as evidenced by the near rain forest level of green. Camano Island to the west probably gets a little more rain, but not by much.

Tree cover also tends to hold smoke from the fires in Loops #2 and #3 an issue.

Despite the tree cover, most all the brush below the trees are kept well-trimmed thus limiting privacy.

Starting on Sunday afternoon the weekenders all departed and we had most of the park to ourselves.

Layout & Satellite Views

FoxRVTravel-Campsite Review: Wenberg Park satellite view
FoxRVTravel-Campsite Review: Wenberg Park Satellite View
FoxRVTravel-Campsite Review: Wenberg Park campsite map
FoxRVTravel-Campsite Review: Wenberg Park Campsite Map

That is our campsite review of the Wenberg Campground. Here is our link to our interactive map. Campsite Reviews

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