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Smoke in Washington

We gave up on going to Idaho. Too much Smoke in Washington. Our plan was to cross eastern Washington, stop in Spokane and then to Northern Idaho, maybe crossing into Montana. There are just too many fires and too much smoke. We decided, we have wheels and we can find some clean air  — somewhere.  Smoke and fires are everywhere, including in the middle of Washington.


Our last stop on our current plan is to go to Bridgeport then we were going to Grand Coulee and then push further east. The final straw was the fire right next to our proposed campground stop at Electric City. We considered moving to our next stop to get out of the smoke only to find out they had a fire start there yesterday — and the campground was under a mandatory excavation.

We will leave here southbound, and instead go to the Washington, Oregon border and then back to clean air near Portland.


I say clean air near Portland, but right now Portland is choking on smoke all the way to the coast. But since prevailing winds should shift back to easterly soon it will clear the air.

Bridgeport is on the Columbia River, but there is not much to see too smoky.  We visited family in Wenatchee and are going further south to Kennewick. We found a really nice campground in Kennewick but can only get a few days reservations and have to leave prior to the weekend.

 This link is now my new favorite map, it shows the location of all the smoke, even though I can’t find anywhere in Washington to go, that will avoid the smoke.

Perhaps crossing east Washington in August wasn’t a bright idea.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Jim Creek to Portland

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5 thoughts on “Smoke in Washington”

  1. Dennis and Karen

    I think the whole west coast is on fire. It is not good for your lungs either! Don’t know where you would go to stay out of the smoke, we have it here also. Thanks, will keep watching your travels!

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