Kennewick Washington, Columbia River, Mountain of potatoes

Kennewick Washington

This is the Snake River in Kennewick Washington, a farm town.

We moved south 150 miles to escape the smoke, unfortunately, the wind shifted and blew the smoke south… Tomorrow we go further south then if that doesn’t work, turn west.

We have been trying to outrun the smoke for about two weeks now. The smoke started the day after we departed North Cascades National Park and went to Winthrop Washington. There are fires in many of the forests in Canada, Washington, Idaho…. really most of the forests to the west of Kansas. This year smoke from these fires seems to be everywhere.

We changed our plans, based on escaping the smoke and the only place near here, that I think will be smoke-free will be east if Mount Hood and on the coast in Oregon.

The mountain in the picture is a pile of potatoes in Kennewick, Washington. Behind the tree, there are 5 huge silos. From this mountain, they load a boat or a train.

Yesterday we saw a semi-trailer full of carrots. As we traveled southbound through Washinton, we saw huge orchards.

Here is a link to the google map for the area.

Link to our 2018 Route.

Link to our route Jim Creek to Portland

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