Kayak movie stars

Kayak movie stars

Now we are kayak movie stars. The movie is about us and our new kayaks. We have the first production model the Hurricane Prima 125 kayaks. This resulted in our being the first Hurricane Prima 125 kayak action-adventure film. Filming was while we were working our way north through Florida along the Gulf Coast.

Of course, if I made this movie then it wouldn’t be hard to be the stars in our own movie. But in this case, even though these are our kayaks, we are just the cast. Without the cast, the kayaks alone can’t turn their sweet, ultra-fast shape into an action film. Without us and our kayaks, the action thriller could not have been made so, I am now claiming (for us) the title of kayak movie stars.

Two directors

Yes, our movie had two directors. However uncommon that may be. There was the big director (Trevor) who kept telling me to do the same thing over and over again. Also, there was Tami, who kept telling me to smile.

Here is a action shot of kayak movie stars in action.
How is that for great acting, here I am both balancing in my kayak and following the director’s instructions to point off in the distance. Tami is also directing me to smile while doing so. One thing at a time. Do you want me to point or smile? Isn’t sitting and pointing enough?

Our production crew, director, and multi-camera photographer shot this feature film back in February. Unlike my first experience with a Hollywood blockbuster movie, we are the stars of the show. The last time I got this close to film production, the only thing I did was eat at the actor’s buffet between shots. This time all the best footage (that is movie talk) of us didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. Actually, it is a bit shorter than a full movie. Our movie shoot took nearly all day, that is why it is shorter than an epic action-adventure movie. Our amazingly busy schedule and star status wouldn’t allow us to shoot for more than one day.

Action shots

Florida also lacks big terrifying waterfalls so cascading in our kayaks over the waterfalls had to be cut from the script. The manatees all moved out to the main river. So no manatees. The alligators were all well fed so no battles with the gators to save my bride. The stunt man didn’t show up that day so had to do our own stunt work. Thankfully all the stunts were well within our abilities.

Kayak movie stars Scott and Tami in their Hurricane Prima Kayaks posing for the camera.
Scott and Tami in their Hurricane Prima Kayaks posing for the camera, another chance to smile. For Tami, this is not hard she is a natural.

Everyone knows that the movie business is all about the action. No one ever wants to sit through anything other than the most exciting parts of the movie. So even though the director’s cut was much longer it took hours to reduce the epic blockbuster. This required going through hours and hours of filming just to get the best shots. The director(Trevor again) was able to trim out all the extras leading to the final release.

Drone "sky camera" shot of kayak movie stars Scott and Tami filming the action-adventure thriller.
Drone “sky camera” shot of Scott and Tami filming the action-adventure thriller. What monster could be lurking below this placid water?

I mentioned that Trevor (crew, photographer, and director) did his very best to present our movie as a short-action film. This meant leaving hours and hours of the very best shots behind. The final release is less than two minutes. The entire story in less time than it would take to get a cup of coffee?

So the action-only cut is done and it includes underwater photography, drone video, and action shots. Near the end, I even got to demonstrate my tremendous strength by lifting my kayak out of the water all by myself. Forty pounds soaking wet (the kayak, not me).

Hosted by Youtube

Even the thumbnail on Youtube shows the action of me pretending to get something out of Tami’s rear hatch while we were out on the water.

One of the things I noticed on the Youtube version of the release is that comments were disabled for the video so I want to invite everyone to comment here.

About our movie shoot

About two weeks ago I gave you a recap of our day with Trevor (crew, director, and photographer). Trevor also did all the assembly of the movie and even placed the music score. Without Trevor, we wouldn’t be kayak movie stars. Anyway, here is a link to the preview in case you missed it. Hurricane Kayaks

About our kayaks

Our Hurricane Prima 125 kayaks kept stealing the best shots of the movie. They not only look fast, but they are fast. They move through the water with such little effort. This is due to their lightweight design (unlike all of my previous boats). They are also very stable (unlike some of my previous boats). They also have a super smooth hull and a glass-like acrylic finish allowing them to slip effortlessly through the water.

Hurricane Kayaks Prima 125 lined up on the beach ready to go out for another adventure.
Hurricane Prima 125 Kayaks lined up on the beach ready to go out for another adventure.

As for the seats, they are the most comfortable kayak seats I have ever sat in. They are removable, say for a mid-paddle picnic and I tried them as a “stadium seat” on our picnic table. Really though I don’t expect to use them to relax next to our RV.


We didn’t think the movie was going to make us stars so we won’t be getting the huge royalty checks. Live and learn. Now that we are stars maybe we can get a better contract next time.


Since I don’t think that the Motion Picture Academy will be calling soon, this is my chance to say thank you to both Trevor Soety and Hurricane Aquasports, without them we wouldn’t be kayak movie stars.

Photo and Video Credits

The photos in this post (except the last one) were taken by Trevor Soety and owned by Hurricane Aquasports and used with permission.

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Contact information for Trevor

This section of our posts is normally reserved for location information but that doesn’t apply in this post. So instead, here is some contact information for Trevor and his photography business.

Facebook Trevor Soety

Lucid Productions LLC

Trevor Soety Team Bonafide

Link to our new kayak at the Hurricane Aquasports website

Hurricane Prima 125 Kayak

Hurricane asked me to include the following hashtags about our kayak. Honestly, I don’t know what they do or if I am doing it correctly.

#hurricanekayaks, #gowildtravellight, #hurricaneskimmer, #hurricanesantee, #hurricaneprima, #hurricanetandem, #leadersinlightweightkayaks, #hurricaneaquasports

24 thoughts on “Kayak movie stars”

    1. The great job is all about Trevor. The video was a very creative effort on his part. All we did was take a nice paddle.

  1. Every actor had to start somewhere. Who knows who’s watching y’all could be the next travel stars. Y’all did a GREAT job. Continue enjoying life & be SAFE 🤗

    1. I didn’t really know how well the drone would work out. It seemed so high and far away. I’m surprised how well it worked.

    1. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with these kayaks. I have been aware of these ultra-light kayaks for a few years. They are really nice. Owning them is very sweet.

  2. Kayaks that are lightweight and sleek! Just like me! When we replace our tandem, we’ll look for a hurricane.

    1. Since you know how much I liked my previous kayak, even though it was very old I can tell you without a doubt these are much nicer…. both to carry and paddle.

  3. Bravo, Tami & Scott! I’m most impressed with hauling your kayak out of the water yourself. With my Hobie tandem pedal&paddle&sail kayak, the two of us can barely climb out onto the dock, much less pull it out of the water together.

    Luckily, for pulling up the yard back into the garage where it’s stored hanging up on hooks, we have wheels!

    P.S. Have you ever tried kayaking in Morro Bay? Maybe if you’re ever back in CA, you can try it with your sleek new blue boats.

    1. It is so good to hear from you. I didn’t know you had a kayak. The coolest thing about our kayak is how it is super lightweight so we can take it with us everywhere we go. Morro Bay will be a great place to paddle (if it isn’t too windy).

    1. Nick, it is not standard but it was my idea to put the name on the bottom as if the fish could look at it. We store our kayaks upside down both on our car and at our campsite. Having the name on the bottom makes it easy to tell who made these awesome kayaks.

  4. Now I know 3 Film Stars, The Foxes, Scott & Tami and Sam Elliot. The Foxes are far better looking.
    Great video

    Are these kayaks avail on the west coast? What do they cost?

  5. Just make sure if you ever do get to the Oscars, you STAY in your seat!!!!!!

    Haha. Just kidding (but seriously… stay in your seat.) 🙂

    You guys did great and you look like total Hollywood pros! Nice job!

  6. So very cool! We are in the market for kayaks, so will look into these.

    Congratulations on your stardom!

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