Hurricane Kayaks

Hurricane Kayaks

Hurricane Kayaks are amazing. I have known this for years. These are our new 2022 Hurricane Prima 125 Ultra-Light Hurricane Prima 125 kayaks made by Hurricane Aquasports in North Carolina.

Everyone knows that we have our kayaks with us everywhere we travel. What some don’t know is that I first started kayaking when I was in High School. Back then the kayaks were homemade from fiberglass. Honestly, they were nothing like our new Hurricane boats. I really think that our new Hurricane Prima kayaks are the best recreational kayaks available for several reasons. The two biggest ones are how easy they are to paddle, (even for beginners) and how lightweight the boats are.

Our new Hurricane Kayaks on our car in front of our RV.
After delivery, we took the kayaks “home” on our Subaru. Now I get to revise my kayak rack to fit the new boats. Expect a full description of the boats and the rack in some upcoming posts.


Our Hurricane Kayaks are new. New for us and new for Hurricane. I think I mentioned that the kayak dealer in southern Florida had never seen this model of Hurricane kayak before. So since we have the newest kayaks, what to do? Of course, the answer is to take some pictures.

Professional photographer

Trevor Soety is a professional photographer from Tampa and he set up the photoshoot. I have copies of the pictures and gradually I will be putting them in the blog. But since Hurricane hasn’t seen them yet, I don’t have permission to share them… yet.

So our kayaks are the supermodels of a professional photoshoot (complete with a professional photographer). Instead of getting supermodels to pose with our kayaks, we got to show them off. We are just the lucky people to first get to enjoy them.

Trevor Soety, Professional Photographer, Videographer
Trevor Soety, Professional Photographer, Videographer


We did the photoshoot near Manatee Springs at the Suwannee River. While we were in northern Florida we checked out several places that may be even better for shooting pictures of people enjoying kayaks. When we come back to Florida, you can bet we will be found exploring these locations. Here is a link, Florida Springs.


Funny thing about ownership of images in our country. The photographer owns the images. We can be in the pictures, with our kayaks and somehow we don’t own the pictures. So for this post, we took (almost) all the pictures. Obviously, we didn’t take the pictures where both of us are in the picture. This is the one where I gave my camera to an unknown person and he took our picture. Good enough.

Scott and Tami in our Hurricane Prima Kayaks
Scott and Tami in our Hurricane Prima Kayaks

Video, still photos, and drone

Trevor did a great job being both the photographer and director. He was shooting video and still photos at the same time. For the drone pictures, he was both flying the drone and taking the videos. Trevor did all this while juggling three (or more) cameras and trailing us in his kayak. Sometimes we had to make several retakes, to get the right shots, on the right camera, in the right light. His number one goal was to get good pictures of our kayaks without losing any equipment. My evaluation is that the photoshoot was very successful.


Was being in a professional photoshoot for our kayaks exciting? Not really. Was it work? Nope. We got to paddle around a beautiful place. The most excitement we had was spotting a gator. After watching us paddle back and forth a few times the gator decided it was time for a swim. Then we kept an eye out for the gator and tried to keep smiling for the camera.

Not a good place to launch.
Not a good place to launch kayaks.

Not his first kayak photo shoot.

Make sure to check Trevor’s page below at Team Bonafide. Somehow he is able to catch fish and take action photos at the same time. Part of this is having an array of camera gear to use and willing fish. I promise that the pictures show tremendous skill. The camera may take the picture, but the photographer makes the photo.

Our RV  and our new Hurricane Prima Kayaks
Our RV and our new Hurricane Prima Kayaks, (Trevor Soety)

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Contact information for Trevor

This section of our posts is normally reserved for location information but that doesn’t apply in this post. So instead, here is some contact information for Trevor and his photography business.

Facebook Trevor Soety

Lucid Productions LLC

Trevor Soety Team Bonafide

Link to our new kayak

Hurricane Prima 125 Kayak

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Kayaks”

    1. If you are going to abuse your boats then polyethylene is the right boat. On the downside they are heavy.

      It is not that our molded boats are not durable but you can’t run them into rocks and expect them to bounce off and keep going with almost no damage.

      Our boats are very lightweight and glide through the water with very little effort.

  1. We just purchased a Hurricane Primo 125 for my wife and are very excited to get it into the water!

    We will be purchasing a 2nd Kayak for me (our 40th anniversary presents to each other) but I haven’t decided yet between the Hurricane 125 or a slightly larger Eddyline boat.

    We also have a Forester (2016, manual transmission) which we tow behind our motorhome, and are interested in what roof rack and kayak racks you are using as that is the next purchase for us.

    Thanks and safe travels!

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